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Hong Kong

‘An egg a child’ campaign in Guizhou, China

November 2011 │ Hong Kong

Ten volunteers from Hong Kong spent three days in Guizhou in October, delivering books and running ‘An egg a child’ campaign to help some of the region’s underprivileged children.

Working with the Grace Charity, the group also travelled to Shenzhen in Southern Guangdong at the end of July, selecting 1,500 books and stationery for three targeted schools in Guizhou.

Leading the trip for Hong Kong, Keith Lui from the Global Technology department explains, “The idea of ‘An egg a child’ is to give a cooked egg to every child, every week for two school terms. As well as eggs being a great source of nutrition, the programme sends a positive message about treasuring and appreciating food. We also hope it could trigger  support for local produce by encouraging consumption of these products.”

Starting out in 1994 to help local communities after devastating floods, the Grace Charity has set up 400 schools in the remote areas of the Guangxi, Yunnan, Jiangxi, Shaanxi and Guizhou provinces in Southern China. 

What some Deutsche Bank volunteers thought:

“The school visits organized by Grace Charity allows the team to bond with the children and is a memorable experience for all of us. It’s heartwarming to see that within layers of mountains and in such poor rural areas of China, people still have full confidence in life and trust in society. As much as social media is a part of our everyday lives these days, having the opportunity for face-to-face interaction and sharing of minds is a far more enriching experience for all involved. Everybody in society should be encouraged to reach out to each other especially towards those who are disadvantaged.”

“Thank you for organizing the trip and school visits. We’ll cherish these memories. The people we helped were never short of energy and a smile. If we’re taking on this project  again next year, count me in!”

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