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Hong Kong

Fun Cooking Workshop with Po Leung Kuk

June 2013 │ Hong Kong

On June 1, 12 Deutsche Bank volunteers from Global Business Services (GBS) joined the Fun Cooking Workshop with the Corporate Responsibility (CR) committee. This is the second year the CR committee has partnered with Po Leung Kuk Chan Siu Po Integrated Rehabilitation Centre, which provides a range of services including in-house integrated vocational training programmes and day training to physically and mentally challenged people in the Tin Shui Wai community.

The person in charge of activity at Po Leung Kuk first gave an introduction to the rehabilitation centre and explained key skills for interacting with the members. Examples include being patient with them, paying extra attention to their safety, using simple and concise language, and breaking down complicated procedures into smaller steps. She also mentioned that the process of understanding and interacting with them was the most important, and the cooking activity was a means to achieve that goal.

After the briefing, volunteers had the opportunity to try their hands at making sushi sandwiches. A regular volunteer from Po Leung Kuk acted as the instructor, and taught the volunteers to put the ingredients layer by layer (wheat bread, cheese, white bread, ham, cheddar cheese, cucumber) , and roll it up like making sushi rolls. A short while later, the members arrived and the volunteers were divided into groups (one volunteer with one patient), and started making the sushi sandwiches.

Under the care and guidance of the volunteers, the members gradually completed the sushi sandwich, with the addition of a green salad as the side dish.  During the process, there was plenty of laughter and interaction between the volunteers and the members. The patients were very satisfied with their cooking and enjoyed a great afternoon with the volunteers. The activity ended with a debriefing and sharing session.

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