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Hong Kong

Reforestation on Lantau Island

March 2012 │ Hong Kong

25 Global Business Services and Finance employees pulled themselves from their beds on an early Sunday morning to plant trees on Lantau Island, the largest island in Hong Kong. Lantau primarily consists of mountainous terrain and is often referred to as "the lungs of Hong Kong" given its abundance of indigenous forest and relative scarcity of high-rise residential developments.

With Hong Kong having one of the worst rates of deforestation globally, there is an urgent need for reforestation programmes to protect native biodiversity, preserving watersheds, preventing soil erosion and landslides. In Hong Kong, up to a million trees are lost annually through bush fires, especially during the months of April and September which coincides with local customs where candles and incense are burned. During this period, an average of 300 to 400 fires are started.

The group of volunteers hiked through the dense foliage and steep slopes of Lantau forest under the grueling sun to arrive at the plot of land to plant their saplings. Together with three volunteers from Ark Eden Foundation, the Deutsche bankers quickly learned little tricks to ensure the saplings grow into healthy trees – leaving ample space for them to grow, and gathering mulch around the saplings to retain moisture, etc. After 90 minutes, a total of 110 trees had been planted, a wonderful feat by our volunteers.

The group also visited Ark Eden’s new farm, which is leading the movement for sustainable local farming in Hong Kong using various innovative methods.


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