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Independence Day celebration with Kalwara School Children

August 2013 │ India

The Client Onboarding (COB) Jaipur team chose to celebrate and share their passion on Independence Day with the future of India: 200 children of Government Primary School and Government Senior Secondary School of Kalwara village. In the morning of Independence Day, a team consisting of 17 enthusiastic COB volunteers reached the Government Primary Schoolin Kalwara. Eager eyes welcomed the team, accompanied bypoems, songs and dance, which gave the team a feeling of nostalgia – a memory that everyone has of their school days. Every child was presented with stationery and refreshments that the team had prepared for them. The children were really delighted and their happiness could be seen through their sparkling eyes and smiles.

Bidding good bye to the primary school children, the team then moved on to the Government Senior Secondary School in Kalwara village, where they were welcomed by 130 students, the entire school staff, and villagers, who came to join in the Independence Day function. This was followed by various cultural activities performed by the school students. At the end, the team distributed refreshments to all the students and shared their happiness.

After the event, the team had smiles of satisfaction on their faces and had a strong feeling of being an Indian.


Volunteers’ View:

·     Deepika Dhaliya: I am proud to be a part of such activities, because in the end, it is going to be of a great benefit for all of us. Smiling is something that makes everyone around us happy and healthy.

·     Wilson Sunny: Spending time in the two schools in Kalwara Village made this year’s Independence Day my best Independence Day. The delighted eyes of the children made me feel very happy. I will always remember this, because I was part of the team that brought happiness to the children.

·     Dinesh Chellani: It was quite a moment for me to be around the kids, and to give them reason to smile on such an occasion.

·     Shivangi Gupta: I continue to believe that if children are given the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams. There are people in the world so hungry that God cannot appear to them, except in the form of bread. This event reflected all the kind gestures of the whole team. I am extremely proud to have been a part of it.

·     Aakash Sharma: This event lifted my spirits. The joy of giving and sharing happiness is something that we should feel often because this is the basic essence of humanity. I would like to thank the management for organising this event, which has given these children a huge smile on their face and a bright hope for future.

·     Ashutosh Singh: In my previous career engagements, there were days in office which passed by with us just doing the same routine job and nothing more. Deutsche Bank, through its Corporate Responsibility initiatives, has made me feel proud to be part of an organisation which allows its employees to fulfil their allegiance to society and to act to create a difference in others’ lives.

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