GIFT A WISH to help animals
March 2014 | India
The Corporate Responsibility Committee in Bangalore organised the GIFT A WISH programme for the animal welfare non-profit organisation, Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA). The committee raised funds from employees at DBOI Bangalore to purchase food for the animals at CUPA. more

Fundraising for solar lighting project in India’s villages: Third edition of Trade for a Cause is largest fundraiser by India employees
February 2014 | India
Deutsche Bank, in partnership with the Chirag Rural Development Foundation (Project Chirag), is drawing on solar energy to help light up villages in rural India that are off the power grid. Since 2010, Deutsche Bank has supported Project Chirag, which began as a college initiative and is now a non-profit organisation active in 160 villages. more

Kalwara school in India get laboratories refurbished
September 2013 | India
The right learning environment not only promotes learning and thinking, but also helps ensure that students do not miss classes. With their existing laboratories in a dilapidated condition and unsuitable for usage, the school in Kalwara did not have an optimal environment for learning. Following discussions with the school staff, the Jaipur Corporate Responsibility committee decided to equip the school with well-maintained computer laboratories. more

Painting the pillars of tomorrow
September 2013 | India
The Jaipur Service Centre Corporate Responsibility team completed three consecutive weeks of activity, with close to 300 volunteers painting and decorating Lalia Ka Bans Government School in nearby Mahapura village over three weekends in the volunteering month of September. more

2013 fourth-quarter visit to Pali unites volunteers from Mumbai and Pune Service Centres
November 2013 | India
The Corporate Responsibility team at the India Service Centres has supported Kulaba Zilla Addivasi Seva Mandal's Wavloli School, popularly called Pali Ashramshala, for close to two years. Supporting the welfare and academic needs of 800 tribal students living and studying at the school has been on the Corporate Responsibility agenda throughout the year. Volunteers visit the school every quarter to offer support through donations and skill-based volunteering. more

‘5,000 Popcorns’ returns to add festive cheer to 5,000 children in 5 cities
November 2013 | India
After the success of last year, ‘5,000 Popcorns’ returned to kick start the festive cheer for almost 5,000 children from 36 non-government organisations (NGOs), who were invited to watch the heart-warming movie ‘Stanley ka Dabba’ at simultaneous movie screenings in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune and Bangalore. more

Repainted classroom walls give students a better study environment
September 2013 | India
During India’s Independence Day, volunteers from DBOI Global Services Bangalore who went down to the school to distribute notebooks noticed that the paint on the walls of the classrooms was flaking and needed re-painting. The flaking was a serious health issue to the students studying in the school. It was then decided that the India volunteering week was the best opportunity to give a fresh look to the school. more

Large animals’ rural camp in Magadi Taluk
September 2013 | India
On September 28, a large animals’ rural camp was held in Koramangala, a village in Magadi Taluk, about 55 kilometres from Bangalore city. more

Blood donation drive to support children suffering from Thalassemia
September 2013 | India
The Corporate Responsibility team at Mumbai Service Centre organised the second of its bi-annual Blood Donation Drives on September 24 and 25. The objective of the drive was to support the transfusion requirements of city-based children suffering from Thalassemia. The two-day drive held at Mumbai Service Centre’s Logitech Park premises recorded 100 employee donors who supported the cause. Additionally, 20 volunteers took on related activities such as managing the registration desk and assisting with form filling, donor care and serving refreshments. The drive was conducted in association with DBOI Global Services’ NGO Partner Think Foundation, who awarded certificates and donor cards to all Blood Donors. more

Mumbai Service Centre volunteers teach at Janvi Charitable Trust
September 2013 | India
It was a back-to-school experience for corporate responsibility volunteers from Mumbai Service Centre, albeit this time as teachers. In a volunteering effort towards DBAF's 10,000 Hands initiative and the India Corporate Responsibility Week, volunteers from Mumbai Service Centre taught English and Mathematics to students at DBOI Global Services's non-government organisation (NGO) partner Janvi Charitable Trust (JCT) from September 15 to September 29. more

Lakshya 2013 equips Indian non-profits for game changing development in the social sector
October 2013 | India
In its second edition, ‘Lakshya’, Deutsche Bank’s capacity-building workshop for small and growing Indian non-government organisations (NGOs), has taken another decisive step towards being established as a forum where important social sector developmental issues are discussed and actionable solutions are determined. Held on October 23 at the MCA Club in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai’s upcoming business hub, Lakshya 2013 was attended by 150 delegates, including about 120 NGO representatives, several heads of Corporate Responsibility departments and Foundations, and other sector experts. more

Helping the elderly from Sandhya Kirana to earn an income
September 2013 | India
As a Corporate Responsibility initiative, Asset Services Bangalore visited Sandhya Kirana on Saturday, September 14. Fifteen volunteers from the Asset Services team had an exciting day when they spent time with the elderly and helped make candles, paper bags, and jute mats. more

Regional volunteers bring colour and light to Mumbai, India
October 2013 | India
A fourth volunteer exchange trip was held this year from October 3 to 6 in Mumbai, India as part of the celebration of Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation (DBAF)’s tenth anniversary. Ten international volunteers from various countries across Asia Pacific, along with local volunteers from Deutsche Bank’s Mumbai office, came together over four long but very rewarding days to assist in three projects with Deutsche Bank’s charity partners. more

India’s Corporate Responsibility Week begins with support for Pali Girls’ Hostel Construction
September 2013 | India
The India’s Corporate Responsibility Week in Mumbai started on a high note with over sixty corporate volunteers joining hands to support construction work of a girl’s hostel at Pali Ashramshala on Saturday, September 21. more

Project Access Sport enables underprivileged athletes to secure a sustainable career in sports
September 2013 | India
In April this year, the Global Technology team and Mumbai Service Centre Corporate Responsibility team organised a Sports Day for children from two NGOs. As a result of that Sports Day, 30 children were selected in the category of Football and Athletics by professional talent scouts for undergoing professional training in the area. Taking this initiative to the next milestone, volunteers are supporting the sports coaching every weekend for children from Janvi Charitable Trust and Touching Lives, long-term Deutsche Bank charitable partners. more

Volunteers from Mumbai Service Centre assist with Painting Walls of an Orphanage at Balanand
September 2013 | India
It was truly a colourful Saturday morning on September 28, dipped in the hues of Corporate Responsibility as volunteers, armed with paints and brushes, assisted with painting the compound walls of World Children Welfare Trust India, also known as Balanand. more

India’s Corporate Responsibility Week begins with support for Pali Girls’ Hostel Construction
September 2013 | India
The India’s Corporate Responsibility Week in Mumbai started on a high note with over sixty corporate volunteers joining hands to support construction work of a girl’s hostel at Pali Ashramshala on Saturday, September 21. more

Independence Day celebration with Kalwara School Children
August 2013 | India
The Client Onboarding (COB) Jaipur team chose to celebrate and share their passion on Independence Day with the future of India: 200 children of Government Primary School and Government Senior Secondary School of Kalwara village. In the morning of Independence Day, a team consisting of 17 enthusiastic COB volunteers reached the Government Primary Schoolin Kalwara. Eager eyes welcomed the team, accompanied bypoems, songs and dance, which gave the team a feeling of nostalgia – a memory that everyone has of their school days. Every child was presented with stationery and refreshments that the team had prepared for them. The children were really delighted and their happiness could be seen through their sparkling eyes and smiles. more

Tree planting drive in Jaipur
August 2013 | India
On August 3, Deutsche Bank’s Corporate Responsibility Committee in Jaipur organised a tree plantation drive in Mahapura village and Kalwara Village School, as a pledge to environmental sustainability. more

Deutsche Bank volunteers help prepare English exercises for Sujaya Foundation
June 2013 | India
Traversing boundaries of language and distance, on June 14, 33 corporate volunteers from Deutsche Bank read out and recorded over 80 English exercises for Sujaya Foundation in Mumbai. These exercises helped municipal schoolchildren in Karnataka familiarise themselves with spoken English. more

Blood donation drive in Mumbai garners support on World Blood Donor Day
June 2013 | India
The Corporate Responsibility team in Deutsche Bank India regularly organises blood donation camps in Deutsche Bank offices to encourage employees to donate blood. Since the first drive in 2009, over 2,700 units of blood have been donated by volunteers. This June, on the tenth anniversary of World Blood Donor Day, a blood donation camp was organised in Mumbai, and coordinated by Think Foundation, a non-profit which works in the areas of blood and platelet donation, preventation and testing of thalassaemia minor, and care for children suffering from thalassaemia major, a serious genetic blood disorder. more

Animal husbandry camp held at Melekote, Doddaballapur Taluk
July 2013 | India
On July 27, a team from Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA), accompanied by doctors from the Karnataka Animal Husbandry department, conducted an animal husbandry camp in Melekote, Doddaballapur Taluk, about 45 kilometres from Bangalore, sponsored by DBOI Global Services. 23 enthusiastic volunteers from DBOI Global Services travelled to the camp to assist. more

Senior management visits FAME India
July 2013 | India
During the celebration of GT AS Global Corporate Responsibility week in June, DBOI Management teams from both GT and GBS alongside GT AS TLC Head Pascal Emile, and DBOI Site Opco Head Prasad Pooppully, paid a visit to FAME India, a centre for children with special needs. more

Creating awareness on World Elder Abuse and Awareness Day
July 2013 | India
On the occasion of World Elder Abuse and Awareness Day on June 5, Deutsche Bank sponsored a road show and a street play jointly with Nightingales Medical Trust in Bangalore, India. Over 100 people participated in the event, expressing support and care towards the elderly citizens. more

Deutsche visits Pali Ashramshala, a school for tribal children
July 2013 | India
Deutsche visits Pali Ashramshala, a school for tribal children Deutsche Bank started its engagement with Wavloli Ashramshalam, better known to volunteers as Pali Ashramshala, in 2012, when volunteers visited this school for tribal children to assess the academic and welfare conditions. Since then, developing Pali Ashramshala has been on Deutsche’s Corporate Responsibility agenda in India. more

Celebrating Van Mahotsav - tree planting drive at Deutsche premises
July 2013 | India
In celebration of Van Mahotsav, the annual tree-planting festival in India which is celebrated in the first week of July, a tree planting drive was held at Deutsche’s office at the Nirlon Campus on July 5. more

Knowledge Campaign at the Karunya Trust
July 2013 | India
Viewed from a distance, the Govandi slums looks vaguely like a massive grey mountain. This area is in fact one of the largest garbage dump sites in Mumbai, India, and more importantly, the means of daily livelihood for the entire community living in that part of the city. Every day, the urban poor rummage through the dumpsite looking for a way to feed themselves. more

Senior management visits charities supported by Deutsche Bank in India
June 2013 | India
The Jaipur Leadership Team, along with the Deutsche Bank Group Leadership team – Mr. Shrinath Bolloju, Ms. Chitra Shringare, Mr. Rajiv Bhambani and Mr. Linus Chettiar – as well as the Jaipur Corporate Responsibility team, visited a number of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and village schools close to the Jaipur site to mark their continued commitment and support to social responsibility. more

Deutsche Bank continues its partnership with Umang
January 2013 | India
Umang is a non-profit organization Deutsche Bank has been supporting for the past three years in India. Umang reaches out to individuals with mental and physical disabilities and helps them to integrate into society. more

'5,000 Popcorns', another unique Corporate Citizenship initiative by Deutsche India
December 2012 | India
On December 19, an early winter morning, over 50 employee volunteers got out of their homes to spend the next few hours with about 5,000 children from municipal schools and slum-based learning centres. These children, who have grown up in poverty, have had little exposure to the thrills of modern technology that many others take for granted. more

11 Deutsche Bank corporate volunteers return to the SSRVM School in Dharavi, India
December 2012 | India
On December 1, a group of Deutsche Bank volunteers returned to the SSRVM School for the second year. This is a non-governmental organisation located in Dharavi, one of the largest slums in Asia, providing education to some 300 children in the area. more

Large Animal Follow-Up Camp, Muddelinganahalli, Nelamangala Taluk
November 2012 | India
In a week when the rain dragged one day into another, the follow-up large animal camp was like a ray of sunshine in the hearts and minds of those attending it on November 3. Deutsche Bank volunteers looked forward to returning to Muddelinganahalli to treat sick and injured domestic animals in the area. The day started well, much to the surprise of most, with the sun peeking bright through the clouds. more

Lakshya 2012, Deutsche's Day for NGOs, draws praise from Indian non-profits
September 2012 | India
Developing capabilities in critical management areas is increasingly necessary for growing Indian NGOs to build scale and create sustainable impact. Deutsche Bank, while working with small and medium-sized NGOs in India, recognised the need for a platform where NGOs, foundations and donor agencies can jointly create a capacity-boosting agenda for the non-profit sector. more

The GreenKarbon photography competition
September 2012 | India
GreenKarbon Photography Competition, which runs from April 2012 to March 2013, is a part of the national GreenKarbon initiative by Deutsche Bank India and Sanctuary Asia. The GreenKarbon initiative is a unique biodiversity campaign that helps spread awareness of the important role nature plays in mitigating climate change. more

Deutsche Bank donates water tanks to four villages
August 2012 | India
15 volunteers from DBOI Global Services in Jaipur, India, visited the Kalwara Gram Panchayat to donate four water tanks, each of 2,000 litres’ capacity, to fulfil the needs of four rural villages in the vicinity of DBOI offices. more

Jobs 60+ - You are never too old to work
July 2012 | India
One of the major problems senior citizens face is financial insecurity. In India, only 10.8% of the elderly are getting a monthly pension or a regular income. Due to changing lifestyles, rising costs of living and lack of support from children, many elderly people are finding it difficult to make ends meet. Most retired elders, 60 to 70 years of age, are physically and mentally fit and prepared to do moderately skilled jobs for a nominal salary, just for sustenance. more

Deutsche invests in young women in India
May 2012 | India
Be! Fund in India invites young people from low-income backgrounds to submit their business ideas to overcome the social, economic and environmental issues in their community. Each aspiring entrepreneur undergoes three interview stages before the business plan is ready to be presented to the Be! Investment Committee. Deutsche Bank India employees assist with the interview process and assessment of business plans, and some of our senior management personnel sit on the Investment Committee. Successful applicants are provided with funding, skills support and mentoring. more

Deutsche Bank’s employees coordinates a successful clothes donation drive across India
April 2012 | India
Every year, various teams from Deutsche Bank and its respective business entities in India organise clothes donation drive in support of the NGO, Goonj. This unique organization repairs and donates more than 70,000 kilograms of used clothing per month to the needy. more

Sujaya Foundation's English immersion programme finds great support from Deutsche
April 2012 | India
In April, Sujaya Foundation concluded one of its month-long English Immersion Programmes that aims to improve English language skills for underprivileged youth and increase their chances of gaining employment. The final examinationss for the batch were held at Deutsche’s Nirlon office in Mumbai where the young students demonstrated their newly acquired language skills and our Deutsche Bank corporate volunteers helped in assessing their proficiency in English. more

Republic Run draws greater participation this year
January 2012 | India
The lazy Sunday morning of 22 January saw an enthusiastic bunch of Deutsche Bank employees and their families gather for the Bank’s annual Republic Run for charity in Mumbai. more

Art at the Deutsche Courtyard 2012
February 2012 | India
On February 10, Deutsche Bank hosted its annual Art show at the Courtyard of the Deutsche Bank House, the heritage headquarters of the Bank in Mumbai. more

Deutsche Bank volunteers observe World Alzheimer’s Day
October 2011 | India
In observation of World Alzheimer’s Day on 21 September, Nightingales Medical Trust (NMT) organized an awareness campaign in Bangalore, India to inform and educate the public on dementia. more

Deutsche Bank organizes a blood donation drive to address urgent blood shortage at KEM Hospital
October 2011 | India
Deutsche Bank Operations International in Mumbai, in association with LTP Management, organized a blood donation drive on 11 - 13 October in direct response to the urgent blood shortage in city-based KEM Hospital. more

1,300 children in Andhra Pradesh receive school supplies sponsored by Deutsche Bank
June 2011 | India
On 20 June, Annie Yeo, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia, visited Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, India to attend the ‘School Grant Ceremony to Vulnerable Children’ sponsored by the Bank, where 1,300 school bags with school supplies were distributed to children affected by HIV/AIDS. more

Development vs. Ecology: GreenKarbon National Debate generates heat and light
September 2011 | India
On a sultry Friday evening, nearly 500 people from diverse backgrounds – students, professionals, journalists, bankers, conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts – poured into that bastion of learning, St. Xavier’s auditorium in Mumbai for the GreenKarbon debate on the Proposition: "This House believes that exaggerated ecological and climate change concerns are impeding India's economic growth." more

Deutsche Bank employees ‘play with clay’ to strengthen environmental awareness
September 2011 | India
A unique ‘Play with Clay’ workshop, aimed at strengthening awareness of eco-friendly practices, was organized by our CSR team in Deutsche Bank Operations International in Mumbai, India on 23 August. 65 Deutsche Bank employees, including senior management, participated in pottery and idol making under the guidance of Young Environmentalists Programme Trust. more

Deutsche Bank cleans up Powai Lake
September 2011 | India
The Powai Lake Clean Up and Nature Trail on 12 September organized by the CSR team in Deutsche Bank Operations International in Mumbai, India under the aegis of Young Environmentalists Programme Trust, exemplified the passionate spirit of our corporate volunteers for the environment. more

Health camp and awareness sessions organized for 148 students in Bangalore, India
September 2011 | India
In partnership with ELCIA Trust, six to seven volunteers from Deutsche Bank Operations International in Bangalore, India conduct health and hygiene awareness workshops for students in the Dodda Nagamangala Government School every week. To spice things up, volunteers also regularly coach the students games such as kho-kho and kabaddi. more

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