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Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) Animal Welfare Camp

March 2014 │ India

A rural camp for large animals was held in a village 35 miles away from Bangalore on March 29, 2014. The camp was sponsored by DBOI Global Services, Bangalore and conducted by CUPA with assistance from the local vets of Karnataka Animal Husbandry Department.

23 volunteers from DBOI Global Services were divided into four batches of five each, and sent to adjoining villages to help veterinary inspectors administer liquid suspension to de-worm sheep/goats. Normally these animals cannot be taken to the campsite and are de-wormed at their grazing areas. The remaining volunteers were at the campsite to help the doctors with the cattle.

All the animals brought to the camp were de-wormed by liquid suspension. Additionally, vitamin B complex and mineral supplements along with liver extract injections were administered to all the animals. Extra mineral mixtures were handed out to owners of animals that could not be brought to the camp.

The common ailments identified were digestive problems. The owners of these animals were advised to follow a proper feeding regime and medicines were handed out with strict instructions regarding the exact quantity and the method of administering the medicine. At the end, a total number of 137 animals – including cattle, sheep, goats and dogs – benefitted from the camp .

The volunteers were treated to a vegetarian breakfast and lunch. To many of the volunteers it was a learning experience and an insight into rural agrarian life style.

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