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Jaipur volunteers spread rays of hope

March 2014 │ India

In early March, eleven committed volunteers from the Jaipur Service Centre forever changed the lives of over 100 families in a remote village of Rajasthan, India. Project Chirag aims to provide every household with their right to light; the volunteers travelled for over 12 hours and distributed 125 solar lights to families of Sanawara village in the Barmer district of Rajasthan.

Armed with a short course on how to use the lamps, the volunteers quickly got into action distributing these solar lamps to the villagers and explaining the utility. They carefully explained the function of these lamps and in some cases went through the basics, including how to switch the light on / off.

Deutsche Bank has been partnering with Chirag Rural Development Foundation since 2010 to help light up villages in rural India that are totally off the power grid. These households use rudimentary kerosene lamps -- which create soot and smoke and are a health hazard -- to provide light while going about their chores after dusk.

The utility of these solar lamps extends beyond providing light inside the houses - the units have detachable lamps which are useful when people have to step out of their houses at night. In addition to this, they are equipped with mobile chargers which come in  handy considering the rapid penetration of mobile telephony across rural India. One beneficiary said, “With these solar lamps we will be able to encourage our children to study and we are sure of seeing better days ahead.”

The volunteers left the village with a sense of fulfillment on a day well spent. Summing up the excitement of all volunteers, Vikram Jain from Business Management Service Centre said, “It was an awesome feeling to be able to provide people with basic necessities that we take for granted in large cities.”

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