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Deutsche Bank cleans up Powai Lake

September 2011 │ India

The Powai Lake Clean Up and Nature Trail on 12 September organized by the CSR team in Deutsche Bank Operations International in Mumbai, India under the aegis of Young Environmentalists Programme Trust, exemplified the passionate spirit of our corporate volunteers for the environment.

Following the Ganesh Festival where the Indian worships the deity Ganesh, the Powai Lake had become a dumping ground of not only of bio-hazardous Ganesh idols but also plastics, synthetic flowers, and other festivity waste.

The modest and zealous team of volunteers not only cleaned up the Powai Lake site but also assisted further by segregating the biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste to be cleared by the city municipal authorities for disposal. The clean up was followed by a nature trail, which gave the volunteers an insight into the value of the water body and history associated with it.

With the ‘Play with Clay’ workshop held in August aimed at spreading environmental awareness, it was indeed an eco-friendly beginning and eco-conservative end of the Ganesh Festival for the Bank.

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Last Update: October 21, 2011
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