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Deutsche Bank employees ‘play with clay’ to strengthen environmental awareness

September 2011 │ India

A unique ‘Play with Clay’ workshop, aimed at strengthening awareness of eco-friendly practices, was organized by our CSR team in Deutsche Bank Operations International in Mumbai, India on 23 August. 65 Deutsche Bank employees, including senior management, participated in pottery and idol making under the guidance of Young Environmentalists Programme Trust.

The event was planned to coincide with the beginning of the Ganesh Festival, which falls on 1 September. During the festival, most Indian homes bring in the Ganesh idol and immerse them into water bodies to honour the deity. While it is a time for festivities and joy, the commercial idols in the market pose a serious threat to the environment as they are carved out of plaster and harmful chemical paints. The workshop ensured the employee participants created Ganesh Idols out of natural clay and paints, which dissolve into water and ensure a pollution-free and hazardless disposal.

It was heartening to hear most participants praising the workshop for spreading environmental awareness in a unique creative, fun-filled, and stress busting manner.

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Last Update: October 21, 2011
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