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Jobs 60+ - You are never too old to work

July 2012 │ India

One of the major problems senior citizens face is financial insecurity. In India, only 10.8% of the elderly are getting a monthly pension or a regular income. Due to changing lifestyles, rising costs of living and lack of support from children, many elderly people are finding it difficult to make ends meet. Most retired elders, 60 to 70 years of age, are physically and mentally fit and prepared to do moderately skilled jobs for a nominal salary, just for sustenance.

In association with Nightingales Medical Trust, Deutsche Bank Operations International (DBOI) in India organised a ‘Jobs 60+’ job fair in Bangalore on July 12 for senior citizens. 

The job fair provided a platform for needy senior citizens and socially conscious companies to come together for mutual benefit and, more importantly, providing underprivileged elderly folks an opportunity to provide for themselves. 

Over 900 needy elderly from various backgrounds – engineers, technicians, supervisors, administrators, teachers, accountants, professionals, and more - attended the fair, with participation from 115 socially-conscious companies. 360 positions were available and more than 450 candidates were shortlisted.

26 corporate volunteers from DBOI were at the event from 9 AM till 5 PM, helping to make this event a grand success.

The CSR Committee would like to thank all volunteers for their help and involvement.

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