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Large Animal Follow-Up Camp, Muddelinganahalli, Nelamangala Taluk

November 2012 │ India

In a week when the rain dragged one day into another, the follow-up large animal camp was like a ray of sunshine in the hearts and minds of those attending it on November 3. Deutsche Bank volunteers looked forward to returning to Muddelinganahalli to treat sick and injured domestic animals in the area. The day started well, much to the surprise of most, with the sun peeking bright through the clouds.

The event started at 9:30 am with the villagers lined up in the designated venue.  The Deutsche Bank volunteer group segregated themselves and each was assigned to take care of a separate aspect of the camp. Some stayed back at the main venue to help administer and keep track of the gynecology and general check up cases of cows and bulls.  A group of seven went ahead to the other areas and villages to de-worm over 400 sheep and goats.

The day went on in an organized manner; a tent was put up under which the medicine table was placed to protect from rain or shine.  The villagers  lined up and, after having their animal checked, they came to the medicine table where the doctors took turns to filli the prescriptions and conclusively treating each animal. Every animal left with a packet of mineral mixture to help compensate for a lack of proper diet.

The day saw a growing awareness in the importance of the vaccinations for dogs and almost all the dogs that were present in the last camp returned for their follow up anti-rabies vaccinations.
It only goes to show that people do as they know and such camps help in educating them on the requirements for their animals’ well being.

The  common thread that seemed to run through all the animals’ cases was malnourishment which was due to the drought and a subsequent  lack of fodder.  A generous amount of mineral mixture was distributed to all those present to supplement the lack of vitamins and minerals in their daily feed.
Another huge benefit to the animals was the treatment of liver fluke infection through the de-worming medicines, which might have saved many lives since liver infection is one of the leading factors causing the death of sheep and goats.

Around 1:30 pm, once the entire team was back at the main venue, lunch was served , giving a sweet conclusion to the entire day and its happenings.

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