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Project Access Sport enables underprivileged athletes to secure a sustainable career in sports

September 2013 │ India

In April this year, the Global Technology team and Mumbai Service Centre Corporate Responsibility team organised a Sports Day for children from two NGOs. As a result of that Sports Day, 30 children were selected in the category of Football and Athletics by professional talent scouts for undergoing professional training in the area. Taking this initiative to the next milestone, volunteers are supporting the sports coaching every weekend for children from Janvi Charitable Trust and Touching Lives, long-term Deutsche Bank charitable partners.

This project focuses on identifying underprivileged athletes; understanding their basic sporting needs, and providing them access to sporting facilities spanning goods, infrastructure, coaching and technical assistance, thereby creating a platform to accelerate inclusive and sustainable growth through sport.

Each coaching session requires a volunteer to provide four hours of support over the next six months. In September, about 20 staff volunteered for the sports coaching sessions by making transport arrangements, escorting children from the NGO Centres to the sports ground, assisting coaches on the ground with set-up and training, managing the children’s nutritional requirements, and providing sports counselling to cthe hildren and their families.

Explaining the concept of Project Access Sport, a Deutsche Bank volunteer said, “Our objective is to enable underprivileged athletes to secure a sustainable career in sport by providing them access to universal sport facilities. We want to focus on the grass roots –  sport is a popular way to go global and move people beyond the poverty barrier by turning them professional and thereby building a healthy nation.”

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Last Update: October 21, 2013
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