Employees in Jakarta lend a hand
February 2017 | Indonesia
Our employees’ commitment to helping others demonstrates the innate desire we all have to make a positive impact on the communities we live and work in. Novie, a Deutsche Bank Indonesia employee, regularly shares her professional and life skills as a corporate volunteer through Plus You, our employee volunteering and fundraising scheme. more

Innovation Camp for Indonesian youth
July 2016 | Indonesia
Yayasan Karya Salemba Empat (KSE) is a foundation providing scholarships to underprivileged university students in Jakarta, Indonesia. Through Deutsche Bank’s Born to Be programme, we support 15 scholars in the Scholarship Programme, providing financial support as well as life skills training and mentorship. more

Deutsche Bank partners with Smile Asia to change lives in Medan, Indonesia
January 2016 | Indonesia
To start off another year of volunteering, Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation organised a volunteer exchange trip in partnership with Smile Asia (formerly known as Operation Smile Asia) to Indonesia, from January 17 to 23. more

Deutsche Bank Jakarta’s Corporate Responsibility Day improves awareness of Deutsche Bank-supported organisations
October 2015 | Indonesia
On September 16, Deutsche Bank Jakarta organised a Corporate Responsibility (CR) Day in its Banking Hall, aimed to engage more staff and increase awareness of charities that the Bank is supporting. The event involved more than 100 Deutsche Bank staff, with 27 staff volunteering for the event. more

KDM event: Visualing Indonesia in year 2045
August 2015 | Indonesia
Yayasan Kampus Diakoneia (KDM), one of Deutsche Bank’s Born To Be Corporate Responsibility partners in Indonesia, held an art competition in Kota Tua, Jakarta on Saturday, August 1, in collaboration with the International Award for Young People. more

Deutsche Bank Club Jakarta organises blood donation event
October 2014 | Indonesia
On October 23, Deutsche Bank Club Jakarta organised a blood donation event with the Indonesia Red Cross in Deutsche Bank’s Jakarta offices. The event drew great enthusiasm from Deutsche Bank staff who viewed it as good chance to participate in a humanitarian activity. more

Book Run for Gracia School
September 2014 | Indonesia
Early in 2014, Yayasan Gracia Abadi Indonesia (Sekolah Gracia), a school in Tangerang near Jakarta, received a new roof and ventilation, funded by Deutsche Bank in coordination with Non-Government Organisation Humanitarian Assistance Network for Development (HAND). more

Volunteering with CREDO
July 2014 | Indonesia
CREDO (Creative Education Indonesia) Foundation was founded in January 2008 with a mission to disseminate and teach creativity in Indonesia. Deutsche Bank Indonesia supports one of CREDO's programmes, the Credo Learning Club. more

Renovation and a new coat of paint for school in Jarkarta, Indonesia
April 2014 | Indonesia
In 2013, Deutsche Bank Indonesia partnered with Non-Government Organisation Humanitarian Assistance Network for Development (HAND) on their project to renovate a school in Cikahuripan, Tangerang. more

Reading aloud with children from CREDO Foundation
February 2014 | Indonesia
CREDO (Creative Education Indonesia) Foundation is an organisation located in the Permata Hijau area south of Jakarta, whose objective is to improve literacy of disadvantaged children living in the area and also to increase their interest in reading. CREDO Foundation opens reading classes for pre-school children three times a week with a curriculum tailored to the Indonesian government curriculum, but with more innovative and creative teaching methods. more

Festival Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar
October 2013 | Indonesia
Indonesia Mengajar Foundation (IMF) is a nonprofit organisation concerned with the education of Indonesian children, especially those living in remote areas in Indonesia, by sending selected young teachers into those areas. Their new initiative, ’Festival Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar’, aims to gather people to make learning materials which will help the students with their study. more

Deutsche Bank partners with Realino Foundation
May 2012 | Indonesia
On May 26 - 28, Deutsche Bank CSR Jakarta team with Realino children re-organized two dormitories in Realino Foundation and also created a small library for the children in Realino Foundation. more

Deutschbanker travels to East Java to deliver healthcare to the underprivileged
March 2012 | Indonesia
In March, Deutschbanker Mary Lee traveled to East Java, Indonesia with a team of doctors and volunteers from Singapore on a medical project to deliver healthcare to the underprivileged. more

Singapore and Jakarta staff volunteers aid earthquake-damaged village school in Indonesia
February 2011 | Indonesia
On 24 January 2011, a team of 22 volunteers from Singapore and Jakarta offices travelled to a remote village - Taboh Marrungai in Pariaman, Padang - to participate in an inauguration of a primary school which was rebuilt with the support of Deutsche Bank following the September 2009 earthquake in Padang, Indonesia. more

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