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Deutschbanker travels to East Java to deliver healthcare to the underprivileged

March 2012 │ Indonesia

In March, Deutschbanker Mary Lee traveled to East Java, Indonesia with a team of doctors and volunteers from Singapore on a medical project to deliver healthcare to the underprivileged.

The team began their work on the first day at Pondok Hayat orphanage in Surabaya. The doctors performed free health checks for the children. The team also sponsored an operation for a new born baby, Cynthia, who suffered from hydrocaephalus (excessive fluids between the skull and the brain). She has since undergone the operation and has recovered well.

The team then traveled by car for more than five hours to Ponorogo. At the first village Desa Paringan, the team worked tirelessly the following day from dusk till dawn – the doctors treated the villagers while the other volunteers helped with translation, medication dispensary and distribution of food supplies. A group of Muhammadiyah Nurse School students assisted with administration as well.

The team saw a total of 461 patients here, most of who suffered from malnutrition, cataract joint pains, and smoking related ailments. At the second village Desa Balong (Pandak), the team attended to 124 villagers similarly for a half-day session before leaving for the flight back to Singapore. 

Deutsche Bank also sponsored the medical supplies for the aid trip.

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Last Update: June 22, 2012
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