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Deutsche Bank partners with Realino Foundation

May 2012 │ Indonesia

On May 26 - 28, Deutsche Bank CSR Jakarta team with Realino children re-organized two dormitories in Realino Foundation and also created a small library for the children in Realino Foundation.

Realino Foundation is a non-profit organization with no affiliations to any religious, political parties or any financial ties to any organization. Its mission is to give under privileged children practical knowledge and skills, which enable them to be independent financially. They provide the children not only with the formal education but also with on-the-job training. Thus far, Realino Foundation has provided scholarships to more than 1000 students.

The Realino project grants scholarships to 67 selected children and support them until they graduate from their high school and senior high school. Besides that, Deutsche Bank has also created a website that would open up Realino’s existence and access to other NGOs, which in turn will create Yayasan Realino sustainability in the long run. 

Moreover, in order to create a small library in Realino Foundation, on April 9 to April 23, Deutsche Bank CSR Jakarta team organized a Book Donation Drive. The team has collected more than 700 books that varied from fiction to non-fiction books, stories books to schools books, Indonesian language books to English language books and even stationeries. The team has also collected a set of desktop computers and a laptop that were donated by a Deutsche Bank employee in Singapore.

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