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Festival Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar

October 2013 │ Indonesia

Indonesia Mengajar Foundation (IMF) is a nonprofit organisation concerned with the education of Indonesian children, especially those living in remote areas in Indonesia, by sending selected young teachers into those areas. Their new initiative, ’Festival Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar’, aims to gather people to make learning materials which will help the students with their study.

On October 5, 25 staff from Deutsche Bank Indonesia gathered at Ecovention Ancol , Jakarta from 10:00am to 6:00 pm and volunteered in five activities: Melodi Ceria (Cheerful melody), Video Profesi (professional video), Kemas-Kemas Sains (box-packed science) , Surat Semangat (letters spirit), and Kartu media (media card). Throughout these activities, Deutsche Bank volunteers produced various kinds of learning materials that will be used to encourage, to motivate, and to broaden the children’s knowledge. The organiser will send the materials produced to 126 elementary schools in remote areas and children who are isolated and behind in their education will benefit from them.

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Last Update: October 21, 2013
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