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Serving meals to the elderly in Seoul
August 2017 | Korea
Deutsche Bank employees in Finance have been working with Happy World Welfare Centre in the eastern suburbs of Seoul, Korea for the last seven years, supporting elderly in need. more

Volunteers visits Happy World to help underprivileged elderly
June 2016 | Korea
Each year the Finance department of Deutsche Bank Korea organises a volunteering event and this year, in its sixth edition, the team included colleagues from other departments. Together they volunteered at the Happy World Welfare Centre, in the eastern suburbs of Seoul. The Centre supports elderly folks as well as families in need, providing them with food and living expenses. more

Preparing kimchi for the underprivileged
November 2015 | South Korea
On Wednesday, November 18, 12 employees from Deutsche Bank Seoul volunteered at the ‘Kimchi Fair’ led by the Korea Financial Investment Association (KoFIA). Together with 450 volunteers from 50 financial institutions, the Bank’s volunteers made over 18,000 kilograms of kimchi, a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings that is famous in Korea. more

Finance Team in Seoul volunteers with Happy World Welfare Centre for the fourth year
September 2015 | South Korea
On September 18, the Finance team at Deutsche Bank Seoul visited the Happy World Welfare Centre located in the eastern suburb of Seoul. The Centre supports elderly folks as well as families in need, providing them with food and living expenses. more

Deutsche Bank Korea supports the EcoFemme migrant women vocational training programme
March 2015 | Korea
Since 2014, Deutsche Bank Korea has funded the EcoFemme migrant women vocational training programme in Korea. more

Deutsche Bank Korea’s Finance Team Volunteers prepare food for the elderly
May 2014 | South Korea
On May 30, 2014, Deutsche Bank Korea’s Finance team volunteered to prepare and serve food to the elderly on welfare in Seoul. At Happy World Welfare Centre in the eastern suburb of Seoul, the team cooked and served lunch for more than 100 elderly people visiting the Centre, and delivered 30 lunch boxes to those who couldn’t, due to disabilities or illnesses. more

“Dreaming Butterfly” by The Arts and Community Network Association (ARCON)
March 2014 | Korea
In Korea, orphans are required to leave the orphanage when they reach the age of 18. Often the youths do not possess the practical skills to be independent and to thrive in society on their own. Through Born to Be, Deutsche Bank supports the Dreaming Butterfly programme run by The Arts and Community Network Association (ARCON) to conduct social adaptation support classes for young orphans, teach them the necessary life skills to allow them fulfil their potential after leaving their care facilities. The Programme is divided into three parts: Self support Training Programme, Arts and Culture Programme, and Job Training Scholarship. more

Deutsche Bank Korea makes Kimchi for underprivileged children
November 2013 | Korea
Deutsche Bank Korea staff participated in ‘Kimjang’, a Corporate Responsibility event organised by the Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA) on November 19, 2013. The industry group came together to make Kimchi, a traditional and popular fermented Korean dish made of cabbage and seasoned vegetables. more

Deutsche Bank Korea 'Dreaming Butterfly' VISION Art Camp
September 2013 | Korea
The Deutsche Bank Korea’s Dreaming Butterfly programme aims to help and inspire teenagers leaving orphanages as they become older, and to empower them to help themselves. more

Korea hosts 2012 “Run. Row. Ride. Around the World”
October 2012 | Korea
Following the inspiring achievement of the Deutsche Bank Global Business Services (GBS) Corporate Citizenship program, "Run. Row. Ride. Around the World" in 2010 and 2011, Korea’s GBS hosted the 2012 Run. Row. Ride. walking event at Chunggechun Stream, followed by a charity auction on October 26. Over 100 Deutsche employees in Korea participated in the event to raise funds for Plan Korea, a local charity supporting underprivileged children. More than 3,000 euros was raised through this event. more

Deutsche Bank volunteers get artistic with Borinwon Orphanage’s little angels
September 2012 | Korea
On September 8, 25 Deutsche Bank volunteers visited Borinwon Orphanage, to brush up their creativity skills in a pottery session with the children. more

Volunteers coach and mentor at Gang-II Regional Children’s House
June 2012 | Korea
On June 15, 2012, nine employees from Finance in Deutsche Bank Seoul volunteered at the Gang-Il Regional Children's House, which cares for children from broken homes. The volunteers spent the afternoon with 16 children, coaching them on how to ride a bicycle and mentoring them on their schoolwork. At the end of the day, one child remarked, "I am not afraid to ride a bicycle anymore" and the volunteers promised to visit them again soon. more

Spring picnic at the zoo with Gabriel House
May 2012 | Korea
On May 19, 24 Deutsche Bank employees and their family members enjoyed a spring picnic at Seoul Zoo with the physically handicapped residents from Gabriel House. With our volunteers helping them and tending to their needs, these residents enjoyed a day away from the stifling urban environment. more

Bringing warmth to the elderly
February 2012 | Korea
On a Saturday, February 11, 23 corporate volunteers from Deutsche Bank Seoul and some of their family members braved the cold to deliver 600 briquettes to two elderly men to keep them warm this winter. more

Visiting Borinwon House in Korea
November 2011 | Korea
Deutsche Bank Korea recently donated KRW 10,000,000 to Borinwon House a shelter for orphans and vulnerable children. In addition to the donation, 14 staff volunteers visited Borinwon House, where they cleaned the toys and facilities in the premise. more

Staff volunteers make kimchi for a good cause
November 2011 | Korea
A group of 21 staff volunteers from Deutsche Bank Korea recently participated in a kimchi fair organized by the Korea Financial Investment Association (KoFIA). more

Volunteers care for orphans in Seoul Baby’s Reception Home
September 2011 | Korea
On 17 September, 18 corporate volunteers from Deutsche Bank Seoul, South Korea, spent a morning at the Seoul Baby’s Reception Home, an institution for under six-month-old orphans until they are accepted into a foster home or adopted. Established in 1974, the home provides daily medical check-ups and proper health care services for infants who are suffering from illnesses or disabilities. more

Deutsche Bank volunteers prepare lunch for the homeless
October 2011 | Korea
In such turbulent times, the number of homeless and jobless in Seoul is increasing. The House of God is a charitable organization dedicated to helping the homeless. Even without government funding, the organization tirelessly provide free lunches to around 150 every weekday and Saturday. more

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