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“Dreaming Butterfly” by The Arts and Community Network Association (ARCON)

March 2014 │ Korea

In Korea, orphans are required to leave the orphanage when they reach the age of 18. Often the youths do not possess the practical skills to be independent and to thrive in society on their own. Through Born to Be, Deutsche Bank supports the Dreaming Butterfly programme run by The Arts and Community Network Association (ARCON) to conduct social adaptation support classes for young orphans, teach them the necessary life skills to allow them fulfil their potential after leaving their care facilities. The Programme is divided into three parts: Self support Training Programme, Arts and Culture Programme, and Job Training Scholarship.

Self Support Training Programme

Adolescents participating in the Self Support training program receive training in basic economics and fundamental skills in life, allowing them to enter and adapt to society in a more stable manner.  They will also design their future through job investigation and an aptitude test, facing the reality of self-support through education about the economy and technique training in workshops for writing resumes and covering letters, as well as office etiquette and mock interviews.

A pre-to-post analysis was undertaken using the ILRS (Independent Living Readiness Scale) developed by the Korea Youth Counselling & Welfare Institute (KYCI). Seven different criteria were measured on a scale of 1-5: ‘Willingness for Self-support’, ‘Career and Job Capability’, ‘Economic Management’, ‘Dwelling and Daily Management’, ‘Social Skills’, ‘Self-protection’ and ‘Educational Management’. The results show that participants feel that their performance has improved significantly and some indicated that they had had an opportunity to think deeply about their career and education through this programme.

Arts and Culture Programme

The arts and culture programme was designed and led by experienced personnel such as a theater director and actors to ensure the participants were provided with a quality arts and culture programme suited to their needs.

Participants joined activities such as drama, musical and fine arts in which they were encouraged to face and think about their past, present and future and to set a basis for their growth as a healthy member of society through sympathy and communication with other people.

The performance arts experience programme was planned to let participants know about the pleasure of having hobbies, to understand the necessity of leisure activities and learn more about unfamiliar jobs by meeting experts from the performance industry. Participants were able to broaden their views about jobs such as actor, producer, stage director and music director by attending a lecture by an assistant production director of a musical and were then able to enjoy watching the musical itself.

Through the programme, participants were able to share their stories and sympathise with other people and to get closer emotionally. In addition, self-expression ignited a recovery of self-regard and confidence for the participants.

Job Training Scholarship

The participants of the Dreaming Butterfly programme had an opportunity to receive practical training in welding, baking, cooking, computerised accounting, computing, makeup or styling through the job training scholarship to help them gain the ability to self-support after they leave the care facility. Those who received this scholarship also provided a positive example to the others and created awareness among their peers on new techniques and training.

Last year, nine orphanages, 96 students, and six Do-Dream Centers participated in the Dreaming Butterfly programme.

In 2014, Deutsche Bank volunteers will continue to contribute their time and expertise, serving as mentors to these youths.


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