Financial Education for Nan Kai Primary students in Malaysia
January 2017 | Malaysia
Whether it is a bank account, investments or loans, personal finance and how to manage money needs to be taught – the earlier, the better. To help students in Nan Kai Primary school to learn how to handle money responsibly, Deutsche Bank Malaysia organised a financial literacy workshop for the students in November, where volunteers helped facilitate. more

Deutsche Bank celebrates Hari Raya with Nur Zaharah Welfare Home
September 2016 | Malaysia
On a Sunday evening in June, 10 Deutsche Bank employees in Malaysia and their families, led by Yusof Yaacob, Chief Country Officer, visited the Nur Zaharah Welfare Home to bring festive cheer to the children and to enjoy iftar (to break fast) with the residents of the home during the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting from sunrise till sunset. Hari Raya, also known as Eid al-Fitr, is a festival celebrated by Muslims after the holy month of Ramadan. more

East Coast Flood Relief with Food Aid Foundation
December 2015 | Malaysia
In past years, the monsoon months of December and January have seen the East Coast of Malaysia hit by floods, displacing thousands of people from their homes. In December 2015, to prepare for the floods, the Food Aid Foundation started food packs preparation and storage to enable easy distribution to flood-hit areas. more

Deutsche Bank volunteers help out Little Sisters of the Poor
October 2015 | Malaysia
The Little Sisters of the Poor was established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1965, where nuns tend to the sick and physically incapacitated to ensure that they live their golden years with dignity and comfort. The mission of Little Sisters of the Poor is to provide constant care and protection to those entrusted under their care. more

Vocational training to prepare disadvantaged youths in Malaysia for employment
December 2014 | Malaysia
In December, Deutsche Bank Malaysia joined forces with Soroptimist International Damansara (SID) to equip a batch of 26 disadvantaged youths from the rural areas in Malaysia for employment in the challenging and competitive working environment. more

Deutsche Bank volunteers take to the streets of Kuala Lumpur to distribute food and bring cheer to the less fortunate
December 2014 | Malaysia
In another year working with Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, 18 Deutsche Bank volunteers spent the evening of December 29, 2014 on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, distributing food and serving drinks to the less fortunate. more

Deutsche Bank Malaysia’s Born to Be programme and Dignity for Children Foundation foster a child’s dream to be a professional footballer
October 2014 | Malaysia
Born to be a footballer. Without a safe area to participate in sports and the means to purchase sports equipment, children from underprivileged backgrounds may not have the opportunity to play sports -- still less the access to training should they have the potential to excel. more

Deutsche Bank Malaysia spends quality time with the elderly at Little Sisters of the Poor
September 2014 | Malaysia
On the morning of Saturday, September 27, 2014, a group of 10 Deutsche Bank volunteers and their families spent half a day with the elderly living in the Little Sisters of the Poor home. The group was led by Shamugan Mani, a volunteer who has been volunteering with the home during his weekends and days off. more

Dignity for Children Foundation visits Deutsche Bank’s office in Malaysia
September 2014 | Malaysia
In Malaysia, Deutsche Bank supports the Dignity for Children Foundation, which aims to empower underprivileged children by breaking the poverty cycle through access to quality education. Dignity has a learning centre which provides education to more than 700 urban poor children and also serves as a safe haven for children from difficult backgrounds. more

Financial Education to school students in Malaysia
March 2014 | Malaysia
On March 14, 2014, Deutsche Bank Malaysia engaged MoneyTree Malaysia, a company specialising in the promotion of financial literacy, to prepare and assist Deutsche Bank staff to teach finance courses for 134 school students, from Primary 1 to 6. more

Treasury Hunt for free Palliative Care provider - Hospis Malaysia
March 2014 | Malaysia
Hospis Malaysia is a charitable organisation that offers professional Palliative Care to patients who are suffering from life-limiting illness within the Klang Valley in Kuala Lumpur. Care extended by Hospis Malaysia transcends age, gender, culture, religion and social standing and is offered free-of-charge. more

Deutsche Bank joins MERCY’s International Humanitarian Relief Charity Run
March 2014 | Malaysia
Deutsche Bank Malaysia joined the Malaysian Medical Relief Society (MERCY Malaysia) in their first-ever International Humanitarian Relief Charity Run to raise funds and to create awareness on MERCY Malaysia’s endeavors to provide health-based humanitarian aid for both local and international disasters. more

Therapy through Art with special-needs children
December 2013 | Malaysia
Guided by a French-Russian artist-painter, Victoria Renaux Abdoulaeva, Deutsche Bank Malaysia corporate volunteers and their children spent quality time with a group of special-needs children on a Saturday morning, exploring their feelings through a therapeutic art session. The art-making experience helped the special-needs children to express themselves through art, and indirectly gain self-confidence. more

Feeding the Homeless with Pertiwi Soup Kitchen
December 2013 | Malaysia
In 2013, Deutsche Bank Malaysia partnered with Pertiwi Soup Kitchen to ensure that the homeless and poor were provided a daily staple meal. Several rounds of volunteering were undertaken by corporate volunteers to serve hot meals to the less fortunate. more

Build Homes with Habitat for Humanity Malaysia
September 2013 | Malaysia
On Saturday, September 21, 17 Deutsche Bank Malaysia staff and a family member joined forces with Habitat for Humanity Malaysia with one purpose in mind, to make a difference in the lives of two families in the Orang Asli village by providing them a safe and decent home. more

Deutsche Bank Malaysia sponsorship of Charity Movie Event
August 2013 | Malaysia
Deutsche Bank Malaysia sponsored 254 cinema tickets during a recent annual charity movie event organised by Soroptomist International. Underprivileged children from various homes were invited to watch ‘Planes’ – the latest Disney animated movie. more

“Buka Puasa” (Break fast) with the Children at Nur Zaharah Welfare Home
August 2013 | Malaysia
Nur Zaharah Welfare Home is a home for 52 children (between the ages of 5 to 20) and ten caretakers. The children are from broken homes, abusive or poor families. Some were abandoned by their families and placed at the Orphanage, which is their only home. more

Sustainability Talk by World Wide Fund for Nature Malaysia
July 2013 | Malaysia
On June 18, 30 Deutsche Bank employees in Malaysia attended a presentation by Dr. Sundari Ramakrishna, Director of Conservation from World Wide Fund, Malaysia (WWF) on WWF’s efforts to enhance sustainability and heighten corporate awareness of its conservation projects for wild life, ecosystems and the environment. more

Deutsche Bank joins Batik Fun Walk 2012
December 2012 | Malaysia
On the early Sunday morning of December 18, Deutsche Bank volunteers and their family members joined the annual Batik Fun Walk, a charity fun walk organised by the Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia in support of cancer victims or survivors. more

Deutsche Bank partners PERTIWI Soup Kitchen in feeding the homeless
November 2012 | Malaysia
Deutsche Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative is focused on giving back to the communities in which we operate. In Malaysia, Deutsche Bank’s corporate volunteers exemplified this by going out to the streets of Kuala Lumpur city in the evening to distribute food, drinks, towels and other essential items to the homeless community. Feeding homeless and poor destitute families is not a one-off CSR activity but a continuous effort to ensure the helpless are supported with daily staple meal. more

Deutsche Bank sponsors Soroptomist International’s movie charity event
November 2012 | Malaysia
Deutsche Bank Malaysia sponsored 150 movie tickets for the Soroptimist International Damansara Branch's (SID) annual movie charity event held on November 24. The tickets were distributed to underprivileged children from the Pure Life Society, Desa Mentari Learning Centre, Taman Megah Home and Women's Aid Organisation. more

Tuition programme with Persatuan Penyayang Nur Iman
October 2012 | Malaysia
In partnership with Soroptimist International, Deutsche Bank Malaysia launched a customized in-house tuition program for the orphans at Persatuan Penyayang Nur Iman on October 6. more

Nan Kai Chinese Primary School Adoption Programme
October 2012 | Malaysia
On September 26, a team of 23 corporate volunteers from Deutsche Bank Malaysia spent their lunch hour at the Nan Kai Chinese Primary School which was adopted under Bank Negara Malaysia’s School Adoption Program. more

Feeding the homeless in the City Centre
June 2012 | Malaysia
Soup kitchens exist in many of the world’s capital cities, and for the homeless and destitute it is a sanctuary for a warm meal and human interaction. In Kuala Lumpur, for the destitute families and especially elderly folks who cannot afford a warm meal, soup kitchens are their lifeline for survival in the capital city. more

Raptor Watch 2012 – Tanjung Tuan, Port Dickson
March 2012 | Malaysia
On March 10, in conjunction with Earth Week, 54 corporate volunteers and their family members travelled to Tanjung Tuan, Port Dickson which is located along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, to experience ‘Raptor Watch’. This event, organized by the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), celebrates the return of the migratory raptors (birds of prey) back to their natural habitats in the Northern hemisphere during March and April each year and seeks to increase public awareness of the need to conserve the natural habitats of raptors. more

New Year Day 2012 – Deutsche Bank responds to a call for emergency supplies
January 2012 | Malaysia
On the first day of 2012, corporate volunteers from Deutsche Bank Malaysia responded to a call for aid by ‘The House of Joy’ orphanage which was ravaged by a fire on December 30, 2011. The underprivileged children were moved to a temporary shelter at the local municipal hall that housed two badminton courts. more

Deutsche Bank visits indigenous settlement in Cameron Highlands
September 2011 |
24 September 2011 marked Deutsche Bank Malaysia’s second visit to the Orang Asli settlement in Kampung Sungai Lengkok and Kampung Chenghoi located on the inner hill slopes of Cameron Highlands. This year, 46 staff volunteers and 25 family members together with Ms. Annie Yeo, Regional Head of Corporate Social Responsibility travelled three hours to Cameron Highlands shortly after dawn. The corporate volunteers were greeted by lush, green foliage and fresh air of the forest, as well as the Orang Asli villagers headed by Mr. Ayub s/o Panjang. more

Deutsche Bank Malaysia plants mangrove seedlings
April 2011 | Malaysia
On 26 March 2011, in conjunction with Earth Week, 77 staff volunteers from Deustche Bank Malaysia planted more than 100 mangrove seedlings at the Kuala Selangor Nature Park. Their efforts follow a similar initiative in 2010 where tree-planting was carried out around the coastal areas near Sepang. more

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