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Feeding the Homeless with Pertiwi Soup Kitchen

December 2013 │ Malaysia

In 2013, Deutsche Bank Malaysia partnered with Pertiwi Soup Kitchen to ensure that the homeless and poor were provided a daily staple meal. Several rounds of volunteering were undertaken by corporate volunteers to serve hot meals to the less fortunate.

In conjunction with Raya, the Muslim New Year month, where the act of charity is an obligatory act for Muslims, the corporate volunteers initiated a Raya celebration with the homeless and poor in Kuala Lumpur city. The volunteers prepared and distributed food such as cookies, cakes, fruits and drinks on top of the main staple meal to make the Raya celebration a more meaningful one for those standing in line for the food.  Clothes in reusable condition and toys collected from Deutsche Bank staff were also distributed. 

Muslim recipients were very grateful that their Raya was made more meaningful with festive delicacies and additional toys, while non-Muslims enjoyed celebrating the festive season, in line with the spirit of 1Malaysia, where every festive season is celebrated together, regardless of race or religion.

The project continued fortnightly for a couple of months with the distribution of a staple meal, with bread and drinks as supplements, so recipients would have adequate nutrients and would not go hungry. 

One occasion was particularly heartwarming for the volunteers:  the driver and co-driver who delivered the food ordered by the Bank stayed back and joined in distributing the food despite the late evening and their unfinished delivery rounds.  They were amazed and touched by Deutsche Bank employees’ dedication in giving to the less privileged.

The commitment shown by each corporate volunteer in every session of the food distribution is highly commendable and added meaning to sharing and caring for the underprivileged.

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