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Financial Education to school students in Malaysia

March 2014 │ Malaysia

On March 14, 2014, Deutsche Bank Malaysia engaged MoneyTree Malaysia, a company specialising in the promotion of financial literacy, to prepare and assist Deutsche Bank staff to teach finance courses for 134 school students, from Primary 1 to 6.

The Primary 1 to 3 students benefited from the “Treasure Hunting with Katie Cat” programme which included themes such as ‘Planning your buying to avoid overspending’ , ‘Save first before spending’, ‘Save your money in the bank to let it grow’. The Primary 4-6 students went through ‘The Right Money Habits’ programme which helped students understand the concept of Habit and how it impacts daily life, especially from a financial aspect. Students also learned the importance of developing the Right Money Habits with the help of the following courses – ‘Save early, save often’, ‘Always pay yourself first’ and ‘Plan before spending’.


20 Deutsche Bank Malaysia corporate volunteers helped students make money jars from environment friendly art materials in support of Earth Week.

Deutsche Bank Malaysia initiated the School Adoption Programme in 2010. It started with projects to equip the vernacular school with English Language books, donated pre-owned furniture and other usable items to build the resources of the school for academic use.   Deutsche Bank corporate volunteers also organised interactive activities for the primary school students including helping to re-paint the school walls. 

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