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“Buka Puasa” (Break fast) with the Children at Nur Zaharah Welfare Home

August 2013 │ Malaysia

Nur Zaharah Welfare Home is a home for 52 children (between the ages of 5 to 20) and ten caretakers. The children are from broken homes, abusive or poor families. Some were abandoned by their families and placed at the Orphanage, which is their only home.

On August 1, 2013, to usher in the upcoming Hari Raya festival, Deutsche Bank Malaysia contributed provisions to the home and brought cheer to the children by presenting them with ’kain samping’ and ’butang baju melayu’ (accessories that form part of their new traditional clothes) for the boys and ’tudung’ (head scarves), brooches and bracelets for the girls. The gifts were presented in colourful paper gift bags that had brought sparkles of delight and happiness to the children.

A simple ‘break fast’ dinner was prepared and as the evening progressed, the food and the joyous memories of fun and laughter of the evening remained a well cherished memory for both the children of Nur Zaharah Welfare Home and the Corporate Volunteers. The family members of one of the Corporate Volunteers also made a personal contribution of ’duit raya’ (festival cash in Raya packets) to the children, which is a tradition expected by children on the first day of Hari Raya.

The Corporate Volunteers felt privileged that they were able to contribute their time and effort to put a smile on the faces of these underprivileged children. As we celebrate the arrival of Raya festival, it is important to remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves and help to bring comfort and happiness to them.

For the Corporate Volunteers, the glowing faces of the children as they unwrapped the gifts prepared for them, was the best reward.

A family member of one of the Corporate Volunteers commented: “A big thank you to all for inviting me and my sons to participate in this event together with my wife. It was very enjoyable and the food is good. We hope to join in more Deutsche Bank community events.”

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