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Mumbai Service Centre volunteers teach at Janvi Charitable Trust

September 2013 │ India

It was a back-to-school experience for corporate responsibility volunteers from Mumbai Service Centre, albeit this time as teachers. In a volunteering effort towards DBAF's 10,000 Hands initiative and the India Corporate Responsibility Week, volunteers from Mumbai Service Centre taught English and Mathematics to students at DBOI Global Services's non-government organisation (NGO) partner Janvi Charitable Trust (JCT) from September 15 to September 29.

The volunteering activity proved to be beneficial for the students as the turnout of students increased daily. Overall, a total of 40 students attended the sessions and the feedback received from the NGO confirmed that the students found the one-to-one tutoring very helpful. The volunteers coached students on topics of difficulty such as poems, grammar, and algebra and geometry concepts. In addition, they assisted the students with their homework. Not only did the students benefit, but the corporate volunteers also found the teaching enriching and were keen to participate in more of such initiatives.

Furthermore, volunteers from the Global Credit Ratings Team (GCRT) Team at Mumbai Service Centre have formed a group of 25 volunteers who will go to JCT during weekdays and continue teaching Mathematics and Science to school students, making this an ongoing initiative to support students in their academic efforts.

A special counselling session was conducted with adult students on September 29 for Spoken English. Ten adults from the slums where JCT operates have expressed a strong willingness to attend weekend sessions on Spoken English in order to complete college studies and find better career prospects. Taking this requirement into account, the Corporate Responsibility team at DBOI Global Services is in the process of designing a curriculum to meet the students’ requirements and also on the lookout for volunteers who can commit to the activity on a long term basis.

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