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Organic farming with Ark Eden Foundation

March 2013 │ Hong Kong

On March 23, 2013, 16 Global Business Services (GBS) volunteers from Deutsche Bank’s Hong Kong office gathered at Silver Mine Bay ferry pier in Mui Wo to engage in a morning of organic farming – the third consecutive year that GBS volunteers have partnered with charity partner Ark Eden Foundation on an environmental initiative.

To reach the farm site, the volunteers hiked through dense vegetation and even encountered wild buffalo. Their perseverance was rewarded with banana cakes and beverages at their destination where they also learned about traditions such as the use of soap nuts as a form of natural soap which has been used for washing for thousands of years by natives in Asia and America – a tip many found very useful after their farming work.

The volunteers then divided themselves into two groups with one group learning to make compost while the other learnt to identify different types of vegetables and food crops as well as planting and transplanting techniques. The volunteers found that making compost was similar to making lasagna with various layers required – dried vegetation forming the equivalent of the pasta layer, fresh vegetation  forming a “sauce base” and finally buffalo’s dung placed on top of the mound, akin to parmesan, as a finishing touch. The volunteers’ hard work was rewarded with a well-deserved lunch break on the beach, complete with lime sodas and beers before everyone headed home after a job well done.

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