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FISOS team-building activity makes a difference to the lives of girls in Holy family Home

November 2013 │ Philippines

The early morning of November 16 found the Fixed Income and Securities Operations Services (FISOS) team in Philippines getting ready for a team building event. This time, it was not only just a fostering event, but an activity that the team planned as a way of giving back and paying it forward. The team would be spending the day with the girls from the girls from the Holy Family Home.

The Holy Family Home Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organisation managed by the Congregation of the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of the Holy Family. The Foundation provides long-term residential care, protection, and rehabilitation for over 30 abandoned, neglected, orphaned, and physically-abused girls. The Foundation aims to give the girls under its care complete service that caters to the personal, emotional, and spiritual needs of each beneficiary.

After the meet and greet, the FISOS team grouped themselves according to their assigned responsibilities for the day. Some were stationed to cook breakfast and wash dishes, while others were assigned to assist and play with the girls. It was a team effort with each and every member knowing his/her role. The phrase, ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’, never rang more true!

The girls were assigned to their Ate’s (Big Sister) and Kuya’s (Big Brother), following which the ice breaker activity got everyone laughing and bonding quickly. Before long, it was time to kick-start the main activity: cookie decorating. The baking team pulled an all-nighter to produce cookies shaped as Christmas trees, stars, candy canes and gingerbread men. The girls were given colorful sprinkles, candies and marshmallows, and one simple instruction - be creative -allowing the girls to use their imagination, resulting in extraordinary designs.

After the cookie decorating activity, the volunteers and girls shared a breakfast of bacon, hotdog and eggs. Although the feast was delicious, it was the stories and laughter shared during the time that left a lasting impression with the volunteers and girls alike. The conversations shared by the volunteers and girls easily cut across any language barrier as one volunteer recalls of her experience, "With their innocent smile and positive attitude during the activity, I was the one being taught and encouraged to live strong in any situation. Thanks to the girls for teaching me a very important lesson!"

The final activity of picking the best and most creative design was almost anti-climatic, as everything was very colourful and looked amazing. As the volunteers prepared to leave, they were showered with warm hugs and the sweetest smiles. Sandy, one of the sweetest kids one would ever meet left a message to her Ate and the team to remind them that they have indeed made a difference.

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Last Update: December 3, 2013
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