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Born to Be – ArtEd Sessions with Childhope Philippines

March 2014 │ Philippines

In partnership with the University of the Philippines, Deutsche Knowledge Services (DKS) in Manila started the quarter with two ArtEd sessions for children from Childhope Philippines (CHAP). ArtEd is an offshoot programme of Appreciating Art in Deutsche Bank, fully devoted to teaching different forms of art to street children. This is in line with the bank’s belief that art is important in inspiring innovation, strengthening employees’ connection to the Bank’s values, and ultimately, in driving culture not only within its employee base but also within the society where it operates.

“The whole Art Ed Programme not only made me appreciate art more, but more importantly, helped me understand how art can inspire young minds to fulfil their potential,” said Patrick Joseph Fernandez, who leads the Corporate Responsibility committee at DKS.

The first session on February 22 was facilitated by the talented student-artists from UP-CFA: Josef Alfonso, Chloe Dellosa and CJ Rosette, the recipients of the 2013 Deutsche Bank ‘Excellence in Art’ awards.

During the session, they taught the children the basics of art – how to use basic shapes such as triangles, circles, and squares as outlines for drawing and the practice of background to detail painting. Josef, Chloe and CJ caught and sustained the children’s attention as they unravelled more about drawing and painting, ranging from pencil control to various brushstrokes.

During the second session on March 11, nine children from CHAP were invited based on the art works they produced during the first session.  UP-CFA Head of Studio Arts Professor Ambie Abano, who is a noted Filipino visual artist and printmaker, along with some student volunteers, taught the children printmaking, a fine art that involves transfer of images onto paper.

Remarkably, the children’s interest grew with this new form of art as they could simply draw on paper while it was attached to painted plexiglass supplied by Professor Ambie and the UP students, detach it and a complete artwork was produced.

Like true artists, the children’s art works were displayed on the walls. John Cincotta, Chief Operating Officer for Australia and New Zealand, and Tony Mendes, Head of Operations for Australia and New Zealand, who attended the second session and drew kangaroos for print, selected some art pieces that they would  take back to Sydney.

One of the DKS volunteers, said: “ArtEd sessions are a good venue for the children to hone their artistic talents. They certainly appreciated the sessions as each one of them clamored for the art materials to express their creativity. Most of them got competitive and insisted on redoing their art work until they achieved their desired output. Some of them were excited and started asking about the next available session.” He added: “Participating in the two ArtEd sessions was truly a warming and worthwhile experience. Giving back has always been a priority and the fact that the sessions put a smile on the children’s faces is enough.”

In the face of the children’s enthusiasm and eagerness, the DKS volunteers were inspired to create their own artworks, also learning while guiding the children. After the two sessions, a mix of artworks from volunteers and the children were put on display. Most notably, the children’s artworks featured houses, food and hearts, signifying the real essence of art which is to express what an artist truly desires.

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