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DKS volunteers comfort abandoned senior citizens

November 2012 │ Philippines

In celebration of Grandparents Day, a total of 48 DKS Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) volunteers braved the heavy downpour late September to bring comfort and cheer to more than 50 abandoned and neglected senior people staying at the Hospicio de San Jose.

The seniors were glad to have the attention of the volunteers as they shared their life stories and exchanged banter with their “grandchildren for the day".

A brief fun-filled programme which included parlour games and prizes was enjoyed by everyone, especially the Lolos (Grandfathers) and Lolas (Grandmothers), who outwitted some of the young volunteers in several games.  Lunch, an important time for the beneficiaries as this is when they get to spend time as a group, was shared after the games.

Before the volunteers left, they surprised the senior folks with gifts. To show their appreciation for the volunteers, the elderly rendered a heartwarming song which left everyone teary-eyed.

“It warms my heart to know that in those few hours I have stayed and cared for the grandparents, they were so happy and wanted us to come back soon especially on Christmas,” said Karla delos Reyes, a volunteer.

More volunteers shared this sentiment, like Kae Velasquez, who said, “I was emotional to see these senior people happy.  We have made our dear Lolos and Lolas smile. We would love to do it again.”

Touching lives and bringing joy to senior folks, who were mostly abandoned and neglected by their own families, at the hospice was definitely an experience that will linger in the volunteers’ hearts and minds for a long time. While the old folks enjoyed their company, the volunteers, in return, learned more about compassion and love.

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