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Jollibee Children's Party with children from ChildHope Asia Philippines

September 2013 │ Philippines

In Manila, four September birthday celebrants from the Operations Group of Deutsche Regis Partners, Inc. invited 40 children and spearheaded a Jollibee Children’s Party on September 28, 2013, held at the Jollibee Restaurant with ‘Jollitown’ as the Party Theme. The children took pleasure in the games that were recommended by the organisation. Their excitement was heightened with the presence of the mascot ‘Jollibee’ throughout the games and the usual dance number. While the children were enjoying the party food, Ms. Mylene Lagman, Resource Mobilization Officer of ChildHope, awarded Certificates of Appreciation to the celebrants.

The party culminated with the giving of eco goodie bags to each child. The goodie bags contained necessities, such as toiletries, rice, bread, canned goods, etc., instead of the usual toys, party favours and candy. The children’s eyes glowed further as they received their goodie bags filled up to the brim. Older children verbally expressed their gratitude and some even gave the volunteers a hug.

More grocery items, books and medicines were donated to the Street Girls who reside in a shelter in Manila.

The endeavour was a huge success with the help of the generous hearts of colleagues and friends of the celebrants. Some brought their children to the party and let them participate in the gift-giving.

Everyone was inspired by the two-hour activity as it brought a smile and joy in the hearts of the street children in the care of ChildHope Asia Philippines.

ChildHope Asia Philippines, Inc. is a non-profit, non-government organisation working to promote the welfare of street children in the Philippines and Asia. The company works toward liberatiing children from suffering caused by working and living on the street.  It has a vision of a world where all children can fully enjoy their rights and become responsible and respected members of society.

Their main programme is the Outreach and Protection/Education on the Streets which provides counselling and non-formal education among street children in Metro Manila. Street Educators, who are either social workers or teachers, provide street children with direct access to basic social services,  including counselling, alternative basic education, basic literacy and numeracy, health care, recreation, legal protection and referral services.

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