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Repainted classroom walls give students a better study environment

September 2013 │ India

During India’s Independence Day, volunteers from DBOI Global Services Bangalore who went down to the school to distribute notebooks noticed that the paint on the walls of the classrooms was flaking and needed re-painting. The flaking was a serious health issue to the students studying in the school. It was then decided that the India volunteering week was the best opportunity to give a fresh look to the school.

Detailed planning commenced and several visits were made to the school to ascertain the materials required, followed by multiple visits to paint shops and consultations with professional painters to determine the quantity of paint that would be required and to know the possible challenges that would be encountered by the volunteers during painting the school.

On September 28, 50 volunteers including two senior members of the management reached the venue and started work, which included scraping off the old paint and painting the walls, doors, windows and the blackboards. A total of four classrooms were painted inside and out.

At the end of the day, all the volunteers were satisfied with the work done and were certain that the students would be happy to see their classrooms in a clean and hygienic environment the following Monday. The event ended by evening and was a big success. The volunteers returned home with the satisfaction that the students now have clean, safe and hygienic classrooms.

The corporate responsibility committee and the management highly value the support, commitment and enthusiasm of the volunteers in having made the event a successful one.

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Last Update: November 19, 2013
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