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AkarakA: providing the gift of education

November 2011 │ Singapore

AkarakA was formed as a result of many conversations between two friends who had wanted to be more involved in helping the under-privileged in society. Having benefitted from a university education, both Robert Vogtle and Chizzy Nnamchi, both successful corporate leaders, knew that education is the key to unleashing a person's potential as it opens up new opportunities.

In August 2010, AkarakA was born with a vision to create a global and sustainable education ecosystem accessible to all. And its mission is to help underprivileged youths complete their fomal education so as to lift themselves out of the poverty cycle.

Since its inception 16 months ago, AkarakA, a registered charity in Singapore, has been awarded funding under the New Initiative Grant scheme by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre. The organisation is now supporting over 80 students in the Philippines and two in Singapore. The organisation is also supported by corporate sponsors such as Deutsche Bank, a Founding Corporate Sponsor.

AkarakA held a fund raising event recently on December 8, which introduced the organisation to invited guests - many of them Deutsche Bank employees. A De La Salle University (Philippines) student and a social worker, both whom benefited from AkarakA scholarships, were present at the event and shared their life stories. It was a heart-warming and successful event at which donors for another 10 needy students were identified.

Education is fundamental to personal development and economic growth. Rob and Chizzy know this too well and will be looking to extend support to more students in India, Indonesia and Cambodia in the new year. AkarakA is also appealing for more volunteers to help in its mission to enable these under-privileged youths attain a formal education in the hope of leading to a sustainable livelihood - a gift that will benefit them for generations to come. For more information, go to

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