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Ceiling and mural painting @ Assisi Hospice

September 2013 │ Singapore

On September 14, 2013, 16 Deutsche Bank Singapore volunteers visited Assisi Hospice to paint a beautiful mural on some of the walls and the entrance ceiling, with the objective of bringing additional life to its premises, and cheering the medical team and their patients. Planning took place a week before, and two trips to the hospice were required to complete the drawing of the trees on the pillars at the entrance of the Hospice. Two subsequent shopping missions were made to gather the necessary equipment.

On the actual day, the sunny and breezy weather could not be more perfect for painting. Rainbow, colourful flowers, cheerful butterflies and welcoming trees were added to some walls and the pillars of the entrance. A few hidden artistic talents emerged among the team. None of the Deutsche Bank ‘Passion’ T-shirts that the volunteers wore were spared from paint graffiti, not to mention the occasional patches on faces and limbs.


After five hours of hard work, the volunteers and hospice staff were really pleased with the outcome, especially with the entrance ceiling that now exhibits clustering clouds dispersing gently to unveil a clear blue sky. The volunteers were pleased that they were able to help and make a difference.


Assisi Hospice is an outreach service of Mount Alvernia Hospital established in 1969, founded on love and a firm belief that end-of-life care is not futile. It provides the much-needed compassionate, personalised and quality Palliative Care to adults and children with life limiting illnesses through Inpatient, Home and Day Care services. At the end of one’s life, most desire only the simple pleasures of life - the company of loved ones, open spaces and nature to uplift spirits, to soothe and to comfort.

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