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Deutsche Bank’s longtime partnership with Care Community Services Society

September 2012 │ Singapore

In 2010, in celebration of 10 years of “Beyond Us”, our partnership with Care Community Services Society (CCSS), Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation and Children’s Voice Charity Golf raised SGD70,000 for “Developing Star”, an educational programme for children. In particular, the funds raised went into a reading programme.

Now, two years on, we celebrate the fruits of Deutsche Bank’s investment in the community. The reading programme at CCSS’ CareHuts, school-based student care centres that provide affordable after-school care for children from low-income and single parent families, has benefited many young ones. Presently, 60 students from Eunos, Zhonghua and New Town CareHuts are under the reading programme.

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Last Update: October 10, 2012
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