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Memorable afternoon onboard Star Virgo with St. Luke’s Eldercare

September 2013 │ Singapore

Deutsche Bank Singapore volunteers spent a meaningful afternoon on September 20 along with staff of Star Cruise and elders from St. Luke’s Eldercare, as they accompanied the elders who were invited for a tour and entertainment onboard Star Virgo. The Star Cruise team was at Harbourfront terminal to ensure a smooth registration prior to boarding. Programmes on board include a performance showcasing Star Virgo's entertainment by singers and acrobats. The elderly responded with smiles, cheers and claps.

High tea, served at Bella Vista - one of restaurants on Star Virgo, was a good time of fellowship. Deutsche Bank volunteers showered warmth and kindness to the elderly, who reciprocated with big smiles, nods, hand squeezes and big "thank you"s. There were plenty of laughter and smiles all around. Among the beneficiaries was an elderly couple who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary earlier in the week; the tour made their anniversary a lot more meaningful.

Apart from Deutsche Bank volunteers, Star Cruise crew members, the team from St. Luke’s Eldercare and a handful of students from Singapore Polytechnic provided assistance throughout the event. The students volunteered regularly with St. Luke’s.  They constantly looked out for their elderly, filling in the gaps and guiding the Deutsche Bank team where required.

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Last Update: October 3, 2013
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