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Playtime in Yong En Care Centre

September 2012 │ Singapore

What do children and Deutsche Bank Finance employees have in common? They all enjoy learning by playing!

Yong-en Care Centre, one of Deutsche Bank Singapore’s Charities of the Year, not only cares for elderly and dementia patients but has programmes for children and single parents as well.  On the morning of September 3, the Finance Engineering team in Singapore spent the volunteering leave (offered to all staff by the Bank) in the centre.

They delivered a 'Problem Solving Workshop' for a group of children aged eight to 15. The aim was to give the group different tasks, which they would have to work through together to find solutions.

In the first part, they challenged the children to improve a broken process similar to the Lean Awareness training sessions conducted in the Bank. Two teams competed to make the process more efficient. A few rounds and several tests later, the children managed to deliver widgets to customers twice as quickly and at less than half the cost.

The next task was more challenging, to build a bridge between two tables using Lego pieces and Post-It Notes. The bridge holding the heaviest weight without breaking, wins.  One of the teams’ piece of engineering did not show any signs of distress even after the 24th food can was placed on top, by which time the group ran out of cans!

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