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Team Bonding via a Dragon Boat race with Boys' Town

September 2013 │ Singapore

Oars up, 50 strokes, pull! 31 boys from Boys’ Town Singapore, 21 Deutsche Bank Group Finance staff, three dragonboats and massive enthusiasm thronged the Kallang waters on September 20. Each boat, crewed by the boys, volunteers, a coach and sweep, had one goal in mind – to win the dragonboat race.

The coaches’ instructions swept through the volunteers' minds. In the last two hours, everyone had been immersed in a crash course on rowing techniques which in summary is a combination of “long and slow” or “hard and fast.” Teamwork was key, as they had to coordinate each stroke, following the lead of the rower in front, and in sync with the rowing partner. Counting in unison, each pair of rowers pulled hard.

Nothing could dampen the spirits in each boat. Not even the fact that they were completely drenched in river water, thanks to the rowing strategy of ’surprise attack’. This entailed sneaking up behind other unsuspecting boats, and scooping water at the rowers with oars. Retaliation was swift, and not long after, all three boats were loaded with soaked rowers and river water. A timeout was issued, and people drifted along the Kallang river, to peek at the F1 car race near the Singapore Flyer.

Other Deutsche Bank volunteers kept a watchful eye onshore, as they took charge of manning the food delivery and drinks. The brave photographers snapped away, unperturbed by the possibility of a soaked SLR camera. Two hours of rowing and friendly competition passed in a blink of an eye, and soon everyone was back on land, digging into pan pizzas and isotonic drinks.

Boys' Town Singapore have expressed their thanks to Deutsche Bank volunteers, and hope to see the volunteers again!

A fulfilling day, and for a worthy cause –  Deutsche Bank volunteers and the Boys Town Singapore boys shared the same experience: teamwork and laughter unites.

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