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Volunteers work with Nature Society to maintain Kranji Marsh

December 2012 │ Singapore

On December 15, 11 Deutsche Bank Singapore staff and family members volunteered at the Nature Society Singapore (NSS) in the Kranji Marsh Maintenance programme.

The designated Marsh area is located along the north-western shore of the island at Kranji Reservoir. The area, estimated at 39 hectares, harbours rich biodiversity, particularly in terms migratory birdlife and native butterflies.  NSS adopted the area under the auspices of the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)-designated Kranji Marshes Park in collaboration with the Public Utilities Board’s Water-bodies Adoption Scheme in November 2008.  This tie-up sees NSS helping maintain the Kranji Marsh in large part through volunteer assistance and to a smaller extent with contracted labor, to clear unwanted vegetation from the edges of a pond (hence preventing the loss of this freshwater habitat threatened by surrounding dams) and in heaping it up for transfer to a local organic farm as compost and mulch material.

The Deutsche bank volunteers arrived at the Kranji Marshes at 8.00 that Saturday morning.  Dr. Ho Hua Chew, Executive Committee member of NSS and the project leader of the Kranji Marsh programme, gave a short briefing on local ecology to the group who then followed on a short wildlife-spotting walk around the marsh.

After this, it was down to the hard work of pruning trees and manual weeding around the edges of the pond.  The volunteers went to work, getting thoroughly muddied in the process, without a grumble.  A huge amount of weed and branches was cleared and pruned in a relatively short time, thanks to the enthusiasm of the volunteers.  In all, approximately 15 gunny-sack sized bags of horticultural waste were collected.  It was a Saturday morning well-spent!

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