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Willing hands at Willing Hearts in September

September 2013 │ Singapore

On September 2 and 9, a total of 53 pairs of willing hands helped out at Willing Hearts. The place gives new meaning to the term ‘hit the ground running’. When the volunteers arrived at 6.30am, Tony Tay, the founder, was already at Willing Hearts and cooking had begun.

Volunteers helped with unloading food from the industrial sized fridge; some took on the seemingly endless task of chopping, slicing and dicing everything from vegetables in every shape and form, to chicken; some started cracking, whisking and frying cartons upon cartons of eggs; others opened and then chopped what seemed like an unending supply of mushrooms. The brave among the volunteers took on the massive woks, frying up batches of sambal and vegetables, and the deep fryers, whipping up batches of battered chicken. Rice and dishes were apportioned into take-away boxes, soup poured into plastic bags that had to be tied just right to ensure nothing spilled during transport.

At the end of it all new skills were acquired – cracking eggs with a deft flick of the wrist on just one hand, dicing mushrooms while wielding a knife in each hand, popping open bottles of mushrooms with a single twist ignoring the plastic vacuum seals.

One day of volunteering was sufficient to tire the volunteers. The regular group of volunteers doing the daily cooking is an amazing group of people. It is even more amazing that Willing Hearts has managed to sustain their work for so many years solely on the willing hands of volunteers.

 The Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen is a volunteer-run charity that cooks and distributes 3000 lunch boxes to the under privileged in Singapore seven days a week. They need volunteers - especially on Mondays and Tuesdays. No experience is needed, just a pair of willing hands. There is a core team of volunteers who are there everyday to lead the way. Volunteers with cars can help in food distribution.

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Last Update: October 3, 2013
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