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Deutsche Bank Mauritius organizes sporting event for handicapped children

September 2011 │ Mauritius

For the fourth consecutive year, Deutsche Bank Mauritius joined forces with Junior Chamber International (JCI), a worldwide community of more than 200,000 youths around the globe providing development opportunities to create positive change, to bring together more than 120 children with physical and mental disabilities for the Deutsche Bank Handisport 2011.

The sporting event held on 11 September at the Maryse Justing Stadium in Reduit, provides a platform for the handicapped children to develop their skills and talents in sports, reducing the inequality that exists between the handicapped and non-handicapped children in our society. The event also seeks to create unity and harmony by inculcating the spirit of fair competition and team spirit in the children.

Some 19 volunteers from Deutsche Bank participated throughout the day in various tasks around the stadium with the track and field events, such as 100 and 200 metres race, shot-put and long-jump. It was also an opportunity for Deutsche Bank staff to dialogue with the Minister of Education who was the guest of honour, as well as to create new friendships with volunteers of JCI Curepipe who share the same values and passion as our Deutsche Bank volunteers.

The event was extensively covered by the media. According to the project champion at Deutsche Bank, “Physically challenged kids are often ignored within the society as their capacity to do things is not deemed to be similar to that of other children. However, we believe that handicapped people also have a unique inner talent like every individual and they too deserve to extended the opportunity for their that innate talent to shine forth - be it through sports or other medium”.

The message of Deutsche Bank Mauritius’ Chief Country Officer, Mike Bird mentioned that “Deutsche Bank is delighted to partner with JCI Curepipe once again to help those in need. We believe it is important to contribute to social projects that aid the progress of the society where we operate; providing support to many different sectors of the Mauritian community ranks high in our social programme. We believe that taking part in a range of sporting activities such as Handisports helps these young people with special needs to develop a sense of identity and become more independent. Like many young children, they too have hidden potential and talent that we hope to discover and mobilize. Our goal is to provide these young people a platform so they may discover their own creative potential, develop their skills and build confidence.”

All winners received medals as symbol of their triumph and a reward for their efforts. At the end of the day, the children left with wide smiles and a sense of accomplishment despite their handicaps, a life lesson which we should all learn from.

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Last Update: October 20, 2011
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