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Celebrating arts and talents in Sri Lanka
March 2017 | Sri Lanka
Deutsche Bank Colombo Branch supports “Sahan Eliya”, an annual arts and talent competition for people with intellectual disabilities. more

Deutsche Bank is committed to the local community in Sri Lanka
December 2016 | Sri Lanka
Wherever Deutsche Bank does business, we are committed to building stronger and more inclusive communities. Throughout the year, Deutsche Bank Sri Lanka has addressed the key concerns of communities through local investment, donations and volunteer support from employees. more

Deutsche Bank provides educational support for 20 disadvantaged students
October 2016 | Sri Lanka
As part of Born to Be, Deutsche Bank is working with Educate Lanka to work with 20 disadvantaged children and youth across Sri Lanka. Uniquely devised by Deutsche Bank together with Educate Lanka, the support will focus on three key areas: formal education through financial sponsorship, skills development through interactive training sessions, and personal development through mentorship. more

Brightening the season for Sri Jinananda Children’s Home orphans
December 2015 | Sri Lanka
Christmas, a magical time that brings families and friends together to share joy and happiness, saw Deutsche Bank Colombo celebrating and sharing the season with the orphans of Sri Jinananda Children’s Home on Wednesday, December 15, 2015. more

Deutsche Bank Colombo Branch holds eye camp in Sooriyawewa
November 2015 | Sri Lanka
Sooriyawewa, a rural town located in the Hambantota District of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka, is home to a number of poor villagers who lack the means of obtaining basic medical care, especially relating to their eyesight. more

Deutsche Bank Colombo sponsors performing arts competition and talent show of mentally challenged people for the second consecutive year
November 2015 | Sri Lanka
The Ceylon Association for the Mentally Retarded (CAMR) is a national-level non-governmental organisation which started in 1971, to function in the field of caring for mentally retarded people. Its membership includes more than 60 affiliated institutions in Sri Lanka, providing care for intellectually disabled persons in the country. more

Deutsche Bank Colombo continues its efforts in proving clean drinking water to rural areas
October 2015 | Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is a fast-growing nation, proven by many economic indicators. Its Gross Domestic Product has grown steadily over the last five years, with an aggregate of more than 35%, while indices such as per capita income, inflation and unemployment post encouraging results. Despite healthy economic indicators, problems continue to exist, largely in rural parts of the country. more

Deutsche Bank, Sri Lanka: Constructing disabled-friendly toilets
July 2015 | Sri Lanka
July 4, 2015 was a bright and beaming Saturday morning in Colombo for the 12 Deutsche Bank volunteers embarking on a special journey at Wennappuwa. Their objective was to aid in the construction of a disabled-friendly toilet for a man who had sacrificed his physical wellbeing for the sake of his country. The 12 volunteers gathered at the Bank premises and looked forward to participatinge in this meaningful activity. more

The School for the Blind Colombo gets a dedicated English classroom
May 2015 | Sri Lanka
This year, Deutsche Bank Colombo Branch funded the renovation of a dedicated English classroom for the School of the Blind, Ratmalana. About 20 Deutsche Bank staff took part in inspection and preparation visits prior to the renovation, which included equipping the classroom with new items such as tables, chairs, posters, a sound system, cupboards, a computer, books and provision for converting storybooks into Braille. The classroom now resembles a computer lab, allowing students to walk in individually, or in groups, to learn the language through reading and listening in a comfortable environment. more

Camp Project – Kanduboda West Delgoda
November 2014 | Sri Lanka
Kanduboda, a rural farming community situated in the Western Province of Sri Lanka, approximately 30 km from Colombo, is home to a number of poor village folk who lack the means to obtain basic medical care, especially relating to their eyesight. With a requirement to satisfy a long-awaited necessity in this area, Deutsche Bank Sri Lanka’s Corporate Responsibility (CR) committee decided to undertake an eye clinic project to benefit the community. more

Deutsche Bank funds the Mobile Vision Care Clinic for the underprivileged
July 2014 | Sri Lanka
Nochichiyagama, a rural town situated in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka approximately 200 kilometres from Colombo, is home to a number of poor village folk who lack the means to obtain basic medical care, especially relating to their eyesight. more

Reading rooms for rural schools in Sri Lanka
September 2013 | Sri Lanka
As part of the Bank’s commitment to supporting educational programmes, the Deutsche Bank Sri Lanka Corporate Responsibility committee works at setting up reading rooms in rural schools to improve the standard of education. more

New school building and water filters for villagers of Haburugala, Sri Lanka
November 2013 | Sri Lanka
Villagers in Haburugala belong to one of the poorest communities in Sri Lanka. They make a living from agriculture, and usually only earn a daily wage. The spread of chronic kidney disease, previously only prevalent in the North Central Province, only adds to the woes of the villagers. According to medical experts, the disease is believed to be caused by agricultural pesticides gradually contaminating the water over the years. 400 farmer families, identified with the support of the divisional secretariat officials from four grama-seva divisions, were provided with drinking water filters. More than 2000 villagers are expected to benefit from the water filters. more

Deutsche Bank Colombo Branch supports rural community in Medawachchiya with eye camp and basic resources for school
November 2013 | Sri Lanka
Medawachchiya, a remote village situated approximately 230 kilometres from Colombo, was badly affected during the 30-year long ethnic war in Sri Lanka which ended in 2009. In spite of a number of development initiatives taking place under the patronage of the government, there is still a huge vacuum in terms of bridging the gap to fulfil the villagers' basic needs. more

Recycling Paper Project helps women in Sri Lanka generate a livelihood
October 2013 | Sri Lanka
Domestic violence is a common and accute social issue in Sri Lanka. Authorities claim that only a fraction of domestic violence incidents are made public and reported for corrective action. The victims sometimes are forced to suppress their agony due to social stigma, fear and the extra commitment some people have towards relationships. Women are mostly vulnerable to domestic violence and consequently, affect their children as well. more

Deutsche Bank plants 1,600 tress at Halgolla, Sri Lanka
September 2013 | Sri Lanka
As Sri Lanka’s contribution towards Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation’s 10,000 hands initiative to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation during September 2013, the Corporate Rsponsibility Team in Sri Lanka organised a ‘Tree Planting Project’ in Halgolla. more

Providing eye care to the underprivileged in Bandaragama
July 2013 | Sri Lanka
As part of Deutsche’s ongoing support for eye healthcare in rural areas of Sri Lanka, the Bank sponsored an eye camp in Bandaragama, a village roughly 40 kilometres from Colombo, held on June 1. more

Deutsche Sri Lanka’s water supply and storage project provides water supply to Dickoya Base Hospital
July 2013 | Sri Lanka
Deutsche Sri Lanka has donated funds to provide water supply and storage facilities to Dickoya Base Hospital, situated about 120 kilometres from Colombo. The hospital caters to a population of more than 300,000 from towns in the surrounding area but is only able to accommodate 100 in-house patients each day, resulting in constant overcrowding. The conditions in the hospital are especially bad in the drought season, where water is required to be pumped from water bowsers on a daily basis. more

Volunteers helped out at the Chest Hospital
January 2013 | Sri Lanka
On January 19, Deutsche Bank volunteers from Sri Lanka visited the Chest Hospital in Welisara. The hospital is the only functioning chest hospital in the country; with 671 beds, its main function is to treat tuberculosis and other chest-related ailments. The daily turnover of patients at its Outpatient Department is over 500. more

Deutsche Bank provides clean drinking water to villages in Sri Lanka
December 2012 | Sri Lanka
Several Deutsche Bank volunteers were present at the inauguration ceremony for the distribution of 175 drinking water tanks to villages in Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Medirigiriya in the north central province of Sri Lanka. The ceremony was held on December 4. more

Providing eye care to the rural villagers
November 2012 | Sri Lanka
On November 17, 22 Deutsche Bank volunteers started their journey at 5.00am to the town of Nawalapitiya, some 120 kilometres away from Colombo, to assist in an eye camp. The group arrived at their destination at 9.00am, where the eye camp began after a short opening ceremony. more

Deutsche Bank sponsors an eyecare screening programme for schools
September 2012 | Sri Lanka
Deutsche Bank Sri Lanka has partnered with the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition of Sri Lanka – Vision 2020 Secretariat in sponsoring the Schools’ Eye Care screening programme with the aim of providing basic eyecare and to provide spectacles to needy children in the District of Kurunegala. more

Deutsche Bank sponsors book launch – “Protect Your Child from Injury”
September 2012 | Sri Lanka
Deutsche Bank recently sponsored a launch of the book titled "Protect Your Child from Injury", authored by Dr W. Godakumbura, founder of the Safe Bottle Lamp Foundation, consultant surgeon and eminent scholar on burn injuries and injury prevention. more

Environmental Day 2012 - making the world a better place
September 2012 | Sri Lanka
In March this year, to celebrate World Environmental Day, Deutsche Bank Colombo supported “My Country – My Future”, an initiative by a group of young people who are passionate about the environment. The programme was spearheaded by ECO-V, a non-governmental environmental organisation. Over a span of six months, 21 youth ambassadors were scheduled to visit rural local communities to spread the green message to the youth, elders of communities and also the governmental institutions with whom the majority of the responsibility lies for preserving the environment. more

Children from Methkekulu Preschool visit Colombo
September 2012 | Sri Lanka
Methkekulu is a free preschool run by the Methwela Foundation in Paadipanchawa, Galgamuwa, North Western Province of Sri Lanka, for children of impoverished families living on the outskirts of the forest reservation bordering the Siyambalangamuwa tank in Galgamuwa. These children are from an underprivileged background where even regular meals are not assured. more

Deutsche Bank funds a Peer Group Training Programme with the Spinal Injuries Association
April 2012 | Sri Lanka
Between 24 – 27 April,17 Deutschbankers from Sri Lanka took time off to volunteer at a Peer Group Training Programme organized by the Spinal Injuries Association. This four-day programme, sponsored by the Bank, aimed to equip people with spinal injuries with health care tips, as well as mobility and life skills. more

Deutsche Bank Colombo initiated eye clinic in impoverished district
March 2012 | Sri Lanka
Deutsche Bank Colombo initiated an eye clinic in the District of Mannar in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka on Saturday March 24. This clinic was held in partnership with CARITAS - Sri Lanka , an NGO pioneering in the welfare of marginalised or underpriviledged people in over 200 countries. more

Corporate volunteers visit the Ceylon School for the Deaf and Blind
February 2012 | Sri Lanka
On February 25, a group of Deutsche Bank corporate volunteers from Sri Lanka organized a volunteering trip to the Ceylon School for the Deaf and Blind in Ratmalana, 15 kilometers from Colombo. more

Deutsche Bank Sri Lanka attends the Installation Ceremony for cluster dental clinics
January 2012 | Sri Lanka
As a continuation of the set-up of cluster dental surgery units in Sri Lanka with an aim of uplifting oral health among young and adolescent school children, two more cluster dental surgery units were installed on 24 January at Halpe Maha Vidyalaya and Dutugemunu Maha Vidyalaya in the impoverished Badulla and Monaragala distracts. The installation ceremony was attended by officials from the Ministry of Health and Education and team members from Deutsche Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team. more

Deutsche Bank Sri Lanka organizes eye camp for 800 rural villagers
December 2011 | Sri Lanka
21 Deutsche Bank corporate volunteers started the journey from the capital city in the middle of the night to travel to rural Minneriya, roughly 200 kilometres from Colombo, to organize an eye camp for underprivileged villagers. The villages around Minneriya have been identified as one with minimal access to eye care due to its remoteness. more

Dental surgery units set up to improve oral health of 8,000 school children
December 2011 | Sri Lanka
As part of setting up cluster dental surgery units in remote parts of Sri Lanka with an aim of uplifting oral health among young and adolescent school children, our Deutsche Bank corporate volunteers participated at the installation ceremony of the first cluster dental surgery unit at Karawita Central Collage on December 2, 2011 in the Niwithigala District, approximately 100 kilometres from Colombo. more

Establishing dental clinics in remote locations of Sri Lanka
November 2011 | Sri Lanka
Deutsche Bank is helping to establish a cluster of dental clinics targeted at young and adolescent school children in remote locations of Sri Lanka. more

Volunteers from regional Deutsche Bank offices pull in to help in Sri Lanka
August 2011 | Sri Lanka
As part of its continuing support to local community initiatives and to promote volunteerism among staff, the Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation organised a volunteering mission to Sri Lanka from 28 to 31 July 2011. A total of 22 staff from the Bank’s Singapore and Hong Kong offices travelled on their own time and expense to participate in this volunteering trip. more

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