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Sri Lanka

Deutsche Bank plants 1,600 tress at Halgolla, Sri Lanka

September 2013 │ Sri Lanka

As Sri Lanka’s contribution towards Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation’s 10,000 hands initiative to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation during September 2013, the Corporate Rsponsibility Team in Sri Lanka organised a ‘Tree Planting Project’ in Halgolla.

Halgolla is a unique plantation in terms of the topography. The only plantation in Sri Lanka which produces all three types of teas (low grown – mid grown – high grown), it is able to do so given its diverse landscape which ranges from 600 feet above sea level to 4200 feet above sea level.

Halgolla plays a pivotal role in the eco system of the area. The very nature of the landscape has lent Halgolla to be very high in terms of bio diversity. Research carried out in the plantation has revealed the existence of 112 plant species and 99 species of animals which are endemic or endangered. Halgolla is also important water shed area with forest patches. Several water streams that originate from the forests within feed one of the four main rivers in Sri Lanka – the Kelani Ganga. Water from the Kelani is pumped to meet all the water requirements of Colombo’s population.

With the aim of maximizing staff participation, the project was scheduled for two days (September 19 and 28) resulting in an all-time-high staff participation rate of 85 percent.

Even though the original project plan was to plant only 1,100 trees in one hectare of land, Deutsche Bank, with the help of plantation staff managed to plant close 1,600 trees during two days of volunteering.  Each activity day involved 12 hours of volunteering from staff members, including travel time.

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Last Update: December 2, 2013
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