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Sri Lanka

Deutsche Bank provides educational support for 20 disadvantaged students

October 2016 │ Sri Lanka

As part of Born to Be, Deutsche Bank is working with Educate Lanka to work with 20 disadvantaged children and youth across Sri Lanka. Uniquely devised by Deutsche Bank together with Educate Lanka, the support will focus on three key areas: formal education through financial sponsorship, skills development through interactive training sessions, and personal development through mentorship.

Ten Deutsche Bank volunteers are mentoring the beneficiaries for the entire year. Despite difficulties in scheduling meetings, and follow-ups and reporting, Deutsche Bank mentors have shown tremendous dedication to this programme.

As part of Deutsche Bank’s sponsorship, the beneficiaries receive a monthly grant for their various educational expenses. The programme also covers interactive learning sessions such as corporate site visits, written and spoken English sessions, and professional skills development.

An orientation ceremony for the beneficiaries was held on August 25. The parents, representatives from Educate Lanka, as well as Deutsche Bank volunteers also attended the ceremony in support of the students.

The highlight of the event was a heartwarming speech made by one of the beneficiaries. She spoke about her struggles being the main breadwinner for her family at a young age, which pulled her out of school twice. Despite such challenges, she didn’t ever give up on her education and has now been accepted into a university, which will potentially change not just her life, but break her entire family out of the poverty cycle. She expressed her sincere gratitude to all who helped her along the way, including Deutsche Bank. Rohan Rodrigo, Chief Country Officer Sri Lanka, addressed the gathering and emphasised the importance of empowering youth in Sri Lanka and highlighting the positive it can have in helping resolve socioeconomic concerns.

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Last Update: October 25, 2016
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