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Sri Lanka

Children from Methkekulu Preschool visit Colombo

September 2012 │ Sri Lanka

Methkekulu is a free preschool run by the Methwela Foundation in Paadipanchawa, Galgamuwa, North Western Province of Sri Lanka, for children of impoverished families living on the outskirts of the forest reservation bordering the Siyambalangamuwa tank in Galgamuwa. These children are from an underprivileged background where even regular meals are not assured.

Children of Methkekulu Preschool visited Colombo on their annual trip on September 22.  It was their first visit to Colombo.

The children of the preschool who were each accompanied by one parent or guardian and the two teachers arrived at the zoo at eight the morning. The bus had left their village Galgamuwa before dawn and breakfast had being given to the children on the way. Thankfully, it was just the right kind of day for an outing, sunny but cool due to the early morning rain.

Upon arrival, everyone was treated to a packet of milk and then brought into the zoo. The children walked eagerly round the zoo holding their parents’ hands tightly, fascinated and thrilled by the many animals they saw up close.

Lunch was served to the children inside the zoo. Each child and the accompanying adult were given a lunch packet with sea fish, on a special request from the teachers (a rare delicacy for the children who only have access to fish from inland fresh water tanks and lakes). Care and respect for the environment was observed by collecting all garbage generated and disposing it in designated locations.

The children were then taken to the Galle Face Green Beach in the afternoon. They were driven along the coastline, giving them a good view of the sea. It was the first time that most of them had seen the sea and it was joy to see the wonder in their eyes as they watched the great waves rolling in from the ocean. It was a beautiful sight to see the children frolicking in the water and the sand later when they had the opportunity.

Afternoon refreshments were also provided. The children were given ice cream popsicles, cakes, sweets and soft drinks. Each child was given a bag of sweets to take home.

The group then left the beach and headed to their final destination of this sightseeing tour, the airport.  The children did not leave behind any dirt, debris, or litter. In fact, they only left footprints in the sand to be washed away by the next tide and are sure to have taken away golden memories that would last a very long time. 
All this was possible due to the generosity of those who gave their time and to others who contributed financially.

Methwela Foundation conveys their sincere thanks to each and every one of them: “May all contributors be blessed and their endeavors successful in every possible way.”

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