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Sri Lanka

Deutsche Bank Colombo initiated eye clinic in impoverished district

March 2012 │ Sri Lanka

Deutsche Bank Colombo initiated an eye clinic in the District of Mannar in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka on Saturday March 24. This clinic was held in partnership with CARITAS - Sri Lanka , an NGO pioneering in the welfare of marginalised or underpriviledged people in over 200 countries.

The programme was held covering the Manthai West , Madhu and Mannar Town AG’s and Divisional Secretariats .  The selected districts comprised of war affected and resettled communities which underwent and presently continue to experience immense hardship due to lack of opportunities prevalent in these areas. Furthermore, due to the income levels being very low, and the seasonal aspect of crop cultivation the ability of the people to travel to Colombo or a regional Base Hospital for treatment is almost nonexistent. The untold harsh living conditions aggravates the burden on the populace of which many live well below the poverty line and caring for sight is low in the order of priority for them. 

 The clinic was held under the auspices of a doctor from the Mannar Hospital with specialist guidance pertaining to eye care provided by a team of seven opticians from Colombo who tested and provided the necessary guidance and advice to patients in addition to the prescription of glasses. 19 Deutsche Bank volunteers, including the Chief Country Officer of Deutsche Bank Sri Lanka, helped out at the eye camp. Four staff members had to proceed a day earlier to Mannar due to sourcing issues and arranging the necessary logistical support to cater to an eye camp of this magnitude.

Approximately 600 to 650 patients were screened at this eye camp of which many were diagnosed with advanced conditions of cataract and glaucoma.

Deutsche Bank provided funding for 50 cataract surgeries and the provision of glasses for those identified with eye conditions whose vision could be partly remedied by treatment and the usage of reading glasses.  

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