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Sri Lanka

Deutsche Bank sponsors an eyecare screening programme for schools

September 2012 │ Sri Lanka

Deutsche Bank Sri Lanka has partnered with the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition of Sri Lanka – Vision 2020 Secretariat in sponsoring the Schools’ Eye Care screening programme with the aim of providing basic eyecare and to provide spectacles to needy children in the District of Kurunegala.

The formal signing of the memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition of Sri Lanka – Vision 2020  Secretariat and Deutsche Bank Colombo Branch took place on September 19 with  the Secretary to the Ministry of Health and the Chief Country Officer of Deutsche Bank Sri Lanka meeting under the auspices of the Minister of Healthcare and Nutrition.

As part of its commitment to the project, Deutsche Bank   has agreed to provide assistance that will enable the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition to achieve objectives related to the eye care services under its School Screening Programme, the prime objective being to screen schoolchildren in the Kurunegala District and provide spectacles to needy children free of charge. There are approximately 407,000  schoolchildren in the district with screening scheduled for 162,800 children between the ages of 5 and 15. Such identified children would receive custom-made lenses and glasses free of charge depending on the nature of their vision deficiency. Deutsche Bank’s commitment is for a period of three years subject to renewal each year and the initial grant of funds was handed over to the secretariat on this occasion. Staff volunteering is expected to be high with active staff participation at a series of eye camps  throughout  the district during the entire tenure of the project.

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