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Sustainability Talk by World Wide Fund for Nature Malaysia

July 2013 │ Malaysia

On June 18, 30 Deutsche Bank employees in Malaysia attended a presentation by Dr. Sundari Ramakrishna, Director of Conservation from World Wide Fund, Malaysia (WWF) on WWF’s efforts to enhance sustainability and heighten corporate awareness of its conservation projects for wild life, ecosystems and the environment.

The attendees were briefed on WWF projects in Malaysia, especially on the conservation of the environment and special efforts to protect identified wildlife species living in Malaysian jungles such as tapirs, Malayan tigers and orangutans.  WWF conservation projects also include the preservation of ecological systems, which helps sustain local habitats such as marine turtles.  The audience also learnt a fascinating fact about Malaysia – hawksbill and green turtles find their way back to Malaysian shores every year to lay eggs on beaches located at Padang Kamunting and Pulau Upeh in Melaka, and at Setiu in Terengganu,  located off the South China Sea and Straits of Melaka.

Dr. Sundari spoke about the importance of the endangered marine creatures and the efforts by WWF to preserve the number of marine turtle eggs which are hatched, instead of being poached for human consumption.  The population of marine turtles in Malaysia has been declining over the years and this trend may lead to extinction if no action is taken to ensure the survival of these endangered species.

The presentation provided Deutsche Bank employees an insight into the conservation projects and opportunities to participate in WWF’s efforts in these significant conservation projects in Malaysia. Deutsche also donates funds to WWF in support of their causes.

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