An inspiring art talk in Taiwan with students
March 2014 | Taiwan
As our local CSR endeavor and with the belief that art allows young people to be creative, Deutsche Bank Taiwan sponsored an arts talk conducted by Professor Chiang Hsun -- a renowned Taiwanese writer, poet and painter who actively promotes art and aesthetics - on 30th March. more

Deutsche Bank Taipei staff and family members help out at Fushan Farm
September 2013 | Taiwan
On September 7, 2013, a team of 40 volunteers, including 22 volunteers from Deutsche Bank Taipei and their family members, participated in a corporate volunteering activity at Fushan Farm. The farm is run in the form of Community Support Agriculture (CSA) program, and aims to help the Taiwanese aborigines at Fushan with insufficient financial means create a self-sustaining organic agricultural model, enabling them to earn a better living. more

Spending a day with Eden Social Welfare Foundation
August 2013 | Taiwan
On Saturday, August 17, employees from Global Technology and Operations (GTO) in Deutsche Bank Taiwan held a departmental volunteer day with the Eden Social Welfare Foundation. The destination was YiLan’s Center for the Mentally and Physically Handicapped. The center was set up to provide care for people between the ages of 16 and 64, who require medium to high levels of support in dealing with a variety of disabilities including autism, visual impairment, hearing impairment, and other physical handicaps. Most are long-term residents, and the centre is like their home with the social workers being their family. more

Deutsche Bank volunteers spend day with Taoyuan Special Education Centre
June 2013 | Taiwan
On June 22, 40 Deutsche Bank volunteers and family members, led by James Wu, Deutsche Taiwan Chief Country Officer and Hubert King, Head of Global Markets Equity, visited Taoyuan Special Education Centre, a special care centre for 65 people with severe or multiple disabilities. To make it a more fulfilling event, 15 children from a nearby orphanage were also invited to join in the fun. more

Theme Park outing with Eden Social Welfare Foundation
August 2012 | Taiwan
In partnership with the Eden Social Welfare Foundation, Deutsche Bank is proud to sponsor a summer outing to the theme park on August 11 for children with disabilities in Taiwan. more

Tree-planting in the outskirts of Taipei in celebration of Earth Week
March 2012 | Taiwan
As part of the Earth Week initiative, a total of 50 Deutsche Bank volunteers and their family members participated in a tree planting activity on March 11 in the outskirts of Taipei. more

Deutsche Bank Taipei participates in improvisation workshops for the visually impaired
December 2011 | Taiwan
Together with Asian Cultural Council Taiwan Foundation (ACCTF) and Ah-Gan Organization, Deutsche Bank recently concluded its participation in an improvisation dance workshop for the visually impaired that embodied the virtues of truth, compassion and beauty. more

Deutsche Bank volunteers with Taiwan SPCA
December 2011 | Taiwan
The Deutsche Bank and Taiwan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) volunteering event on 10 December 2011 brought corporate volunteers to the Zhonghe City Community Animal Shelter where volunteers assisted shelter staff in various activities. more

Recycling initiatives for DB Taiwan during Earth Week
April 2011 | Taiwan
To celebrate Earth Week and to build on the bank's commitment to the environment, DB Taiwan embarked on a local CSR endeavor by organising a week-long recycling event among all staff to collect donation of clothing and blanket, stationeries, toys and games, small electrical appliances, and books for children - items which may be deemed easily available to us, but not for those underprivileged living in the remote parts of Taiwan deprived of such necessities. more

Visit for 150 underprivileged children to the National Palace Museum
April 2011 | Taiwan
To make art accessible to the underprivileged school children living in the remote parts of Taiwan, Deutsche Bank sponsored a 3-day trip to Taipei in April 2011 for a total of 150 students from five different schools. more

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