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Deutsche Bank Taipei staff and family members help out at Fushan Farm

September 2013 │ Taiwan

On September 7, 2013, a team of 40 volunteers, including 22 volunteers from Deutsche Bank Taipei and their family members, participated in a corporate volunteering activity at Fushan Farm. The farm is run in the form of Community Support Agriculture (CSA) program, and aims to help the Taiwanese aborigines at Fushan with insufficient financial means create a self-sustaining organic agricultural model, enabling them to earn a better living.

By helping out with some farm work like de-grassing, the volunteers experienced the hardship of the farmers’ lives who, despite heat or rain, or the uncertainty of the crop harvest, continue to work on their land. The farmers have a big dream ---- to produce a sustainable income stream that would increase their chances to be elevated above the poverty line. Their children would then be able to receive higher education and in turn, have a better future. 

The opportunity to help the less fortunate was an enlightening experience for the volunteers. Moreover, the event brought the volunteers closer to our environment and enriched their understanding of environmental conservation and sustainability.

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Last Update: September 19, 2013
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