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Teambuilding with mural painting – for charity

July 2013 │ Singapore

On July 3 and 4, 20 employees from Deutsche Bank’s Global Business Services division in Singapore volunteered to paint a mural for the Yong-En Care Centre, one of Deutsche Singapore’s Charities of the Year 2012, which provides care to elderly dementia patients.

Earlier this year, the Loans, Collateral & Clearing management team in Asia Pacific started to discuss ways of promoting more collaboration and teamwork across the groups. The aim was to create a community within the teams that has a social network beyond work, which would bond the team members and draw out more collaborative behaviours and better connectivity in the workplace. Corporate Social Responsibility provides a perfect platform to achieve the above aims and also allows the Bank to give back to the society in which it operates.

The team decided to take up the challenge of painting not one but two murals at an elderly care centre near Chinatown in Singapore. From the onset, the team knew that was going to be a very challenging task that required planning and conceptualising two murals, achievable with limited artistic experience but at the same time stimulating for the residents who use the centre week in, week out.

Following multiple visits to the centre, the team agreed on the concept, selected the colour schemes, and gathered the supplies. The team was then split into two and each group assigned a wall to paint.The two groups set out to work in different ways.

For the first group, a volunteer arrived earlier to do a sketch of the mural which allowed the rest of the group to start work immediately. The second group did without a sketch but worked together to complete the mural within the afternoon. Both groups demonstrated good teamwork and organisation. The end product was one mural with a beach view of the beautiful ocean, and another of a quaint little house overlooking the beach.

Although none of the volunteers had any background in mural art, the murals were completed within two days. The care centre manager commented that the artwork will create “a million smiles from our elderly” – a comment that will continue to warm the hearts of the volunteers as they look back at what they were able to achieve together as a team. The teamwork and collaboration over the two days will be reflected as the team bring this back into the work place at Deutsche Bank. 

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Last Update: August 1, 2013
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