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Providing students in Lobburi Province with a new library building and computer room

June 2012 │ Thailand

On June 23-24, 2012, a group of 80 volunteers (staff and family members) from Deutsche Bank Bangkok joined hands to paint a new library building with a computer room at Baan Bor Nam School in Lobburi Province. The pre-primary and primary school is located about 220 km north-east of Bangkok. The school has 73 students and five teachers. Most of the students are from poor families. The school current has only four rooms to serve K1-K3 and Grade 1 – Grad 6 students and has no library.

This project was aimed to provide an opportunity for poor children and villagers to have access to a library and computer room to broaden their knowledge. In addition to the library building, volunteers also donated toilets and built a concrete road to the school and scholarships to students.

The activity started on the early morning of June 23, when volunteers started painting the building and designing the walls through a series of creative drawings.  After the painting was completed, volunteers arranged books on the shelves, before participating in a friendly football match between the staff volunteers and children. In the evening, the children impressed the volunteers with a local performance during dinner with villagers. 

The handover ceremony took place on the second morning. All volunteers, children and villagers gathered together at the ceremony for a very warm welcome from local people where everyone’s heart was filled with happiness in that morning.

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