Born to Be – Deutsche Bank supports education for blind children in Vietnam
November 2014 | Vietnam
For many years, Huynh De Nhu Nghia Blind Centre (HDNN) has striven to grow and keep up with its motto ‘to help the blind children in need’: providing for their wellbeing and enabling them to stand on their feet regardless of physical disadvantage. This year, they celebrated their 20th anniversary . 2014 also marks the beginning higher governance of its daily operation when Deutsche Bank began its partnership with HDNN. more

Born to Be – Huong Duong Orphan and Disable Patronage Center (HDC) Project gives underprivileged children and youths a chance to improve and expand education
September 2014 | Vietnam
On a weekend visit to Huong Duong Orphan and Disable Patronage Centre (HDC), Vietnam, Deutsche Bank volunteers witnessed The Vinh, Head of HDC, rolling up his sleeves and building a stage for the celebration of the founding of HDC. Coming from a professional background, Vinh’s career has undergone a complete change: he now maintains ten classes weekly, teaching mathematics, physics and chemistry. One can’t help but admire his passion for the centre and for his students. more

Born to Be – Deutsche Bank supports career preparation and training for survivors of extreme violence and exploitation in Hanoi
August 2014 | Vietnam
Through Born to Be, Deutsche Bank is working with Hagar International to support career preparation and training for 18 female survivors of extreme violence and exploitation in Hanoi. Hagar International also provides mentoring, care and emotional support to help these girls complete their training. more

English Classes for Blind Children in Shelter Huynh De Nhu Nghia, Vietnam
September 2013 | Vietnam
English classes for blind students, an on-going project for Deutsche Bank Ho Chi Minh City Branch, have resumed after a summer break. These classes are being taught by Deutsche Bank employees and a few alumni. more

Heart operations for poor children in Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital
September 2013 | Vietnam
Every year, Deutsche Bank Ho Chi Minh Branch employees visit the patients in Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital Number One who are not only born with malformed organs, they are also in need of financial support. more

A day at the Orphanage
May 2013 | Vietnam
On May 25, Deutsche volunteers from Deutsche Bank Ho Chi Minh City, together with their family and friends, gathered at Nha Tinh Thuong chua Dieu Giac (Dieu Giac’s Orphanage) at 8:00am, a rather early morning on Saturday. In the mist of construction the Orphanage is like a battle field full of dust, sand, stones, and construction materials. Without a sign of hesitation we made our way straight to kitchen, and spread out to give a hand in no time. more

Back to Huong Duong Orphanage
August 2012 | Vietnam
On June 17, 52 Deutsche Bank Vietnam employees and their families gathered in front of the Ho Chi Minh office to travel to the Huong Duong Orphanage (HDC), 60 kilmometres outside the city. more

Deutsche Bank’s Direct Securities Services team volunteers in Vietnam
February 2012 | Vietnam
As part of Deutsche Bank’s community development programme aimed at supporting the children of our society, the Direct Securities Services (DSS) team in Vietnam organized a corporate volunteering activity at one of the centres of the Vinh Son School of Affection. more

Investing in Vietnam’s future – Vocational training for underprivileged youths
January 2012 | Vietnam
It is quite a long and dusty journey from Hanoi to Tien Lang, an impoverished district in the heart of the Red River delta, a journey that took three hours for the Deutsche Bank corporate volunteers. On the way, the volunteers passed green paddy fields , busy farmers with the typical Vietnamese cone hats, tranquil water buffalos, small towns and poor villages. Several times, they had to stop and ask locals for the way to that remote district, south of the harbor city of Haiphong, where its project partner Save the Children Vietnam has helped Deutsche Bank identify a social investment project. more

Deutsche Bank supports Huong Duong Orphan and Disabled Patronage Center, Vietnam
May 2011 | Vietnam
In line with Deutsche Bank’s corporate social responsibility focus on education and enhancing the well-being of underprivileged children, Deutsche Bank Vietnam has been working with the Huong Duong Orphan and Disabled Patronage Center (HDC) since 2009. more

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